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Teach Your Sons To Behave Before Pointing A Finger At Someone Else’s Girls

Posted: April 22, 2019

Teach boys to respect girls and women at home, share in household work and follow rules. Treat them at par with girls, even if it is to make them toe the line.

Teach your sons everything before blaming someone else’s girl. Why should a girl be trained from her childhood itself so that she should get married and be sent to someone else’s house? Why should she learn to behave, walk, talk, and laugh in the perfect way?

A boy is allowed to do things the way he wants to. He can come home late at night and sleep all day (kyuki ladka hai, because he is a boy). Where is it written that you do not have to teach your sons to help you around the household? Where is it written that you do not have to teach them even basic cooking? Cooking is not to be done only by women, it should be learned by everyone for their survival. When the need arises, at least a boy should be able to cook for himself.

Teach your son who women are and what they do. Teach him to respect women and not treat them as his commodity.

Teach him not to ever raise those hands on a woman just because he thinks he is stronger and more powerful than her.

Teach him that raising a hand on a woman makes him a coward, and raising his voice to quiet her down doesn’t make him more manly.

Teach him that abusing another woman is like abusing his own mother, sister or daughter. Teach him not to look at any woman with those evil intentions because someone else might do the same to his own mother and sister.

Teach him about the various struggles a woman goes through in her life. Teach him why every woman should be respected the same way he respects his own women at home.

These teachings start at home. He will learn what he observes around himself and what he is taught from early childhood at home.

If your daughter is not allowed to stay out late, the same rule should be applied to your son too. Yes, it is good for your son as well. He won’t get into wrong things then. (Woh ladka ho kar bhi naam kharab karsakta hai, Even as your son, he can bring shame on you). If you teach your daughter to do all the household work, then teach your sons to also do the same work and help her around the house.

If every mother teaches her sons these small though significant things, it will help build her son’s morals and form part of his habits right from childhood. It will help solve a lot of issues and avoid a lot of crimes against women.

It’s not always a girl’s mistake. Teach your sons to behave.

Image source: a still from the movie 2 States

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  1. So only teach boys to respect girls? Meanwhile men beating men is ok. Women beating men is ok. Women have the choice to work or stay at home but men should do both. Equality

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