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“The Girl Is A Bit Dark Na?” Was The Verdict. No – I’m Brown And Beautiful

Posted: March 2, 2019

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I’m brown and beautiful. I’m happy in my own skin. I might not have a fair skin like you, but my heart and mind is fair enought to leave you blind.

“The girl is too dark. Ladki saavli hai Rangg thoda feeka hai She is not fair enough. Why don’t you try this fairness cream? Why don’t you try natural treatments? Try this for fairness.”

Every brown girl is tired of listening to such comments from people and sometimes her own family members. Her talents, degrees, certificates, achievements take a back seat when a question is raised on the colour of her skin. She literally has to face those comments from aunties recommending her to try the XYZ cream.

Why? Is my colour the only thing that matters? What about my personality? My achievements? My intelligence? All that doesn’t count? But what if I had a fair face and an empty head? Is that what you are looking for?

I’m brown and I am proud of it. No I don’t want to apply layers of foundation to “look beautiful”. I don’t want to try that cream which says “beauty is only about the fair skin”. I’m comfortable in my skin, but it’s society that is making it difficult for me.

The most challenging part is “marriage” and finding a suitable “match” for a girl who is brown or dark in colour. Who will choose her? She’s talented, she’s educated, she’s smart but she’s a bit dark, they’d say. Even if the guy has pitch black skin, they want a “fair and good looking” wife for him.

I don’t have fair skin but I know how to respect my elders and how to behave. I don’t have a fair skin but I have done great things in life. But sadly, here in India, you get judged first on the colour of your skin, your weight, your looks, and last comes your intelligence.

It is tough to ignore such comments every time. It actually effects the self confidence and shakes the self esteem. Even after being able to achieve so much, all I get judged on is how I look. Even after being able to make through everything, I have to face rejections for the colour of my skin.

I would still not choose to use fairness creams to be fair and rub my skin with chemicals and cosmetics. This is how I look. God made me, just like he made you. If you just judge me on how I look, I pity your small brain.

I’m brown and beautiful. I’m happy in my own skin. I might not have a fair skin like you, but my heart and mind is fair enought to leave you blind.

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