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Dealing With Toxic People Around You

Toxic people act as vampires that suck out all the positive energies from a space, replacing it with negative energy that they emit.

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Why The Much Vilified ‘Gossip Sessions’ Of Women May Have Meant Better Mental And Emotional Health!

While at that time gossip did seem tasteless sometimes, some part of me wonders if our and future generations will ever really benefit from the true power of storytelling that these everyday conversations brought.

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C Drama
C-Drama Alert: Why Is A Tangible ‘Weapon’ Needed To Show Women Heroes As Powerful?

A tangible 'weapon' seems to bestow these women heroes with her power - why is it that men don't need a weapon to be portrayed as strong, central characters?

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Lanka’s Princess [#BookReview]

Kavita Kane's book Lanka's Princess is the story of Surpanakha, which brings to us the power of individual choice, and how that can shape destinies.

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Jhumpa Lahiri’s Book In Other Words Is About The Love Affair Of A Writer With Language [#BookReview]

The writer's love affair with language that Jhumpa Lahiri portrays in her newest book In Other Words, can have a parallel in love in the real world.

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Why We Love The Way We Do [Book Review]

Preeti Shenoy's 'Why We Love The Way We Do' is one of her forays into the world of non-fiction / self-help. And she does it justice.

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How You Can #BePrepared In Case Of An Earthquake And Save Lives

Disasters like an earthquake can strike like a bolt from the blue. Here is how you can be prepared and save lives.

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Here’s Why ‘Pitch Perfect’ Has Raised The Bar In Terms Of What Women-Helmed Movie Projects Can Do

Tired of watching movies that don't depict women the way the ought to be portrayed? Pitch Perfect will charm your socks off!

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Sita’s Sister [Book Review]

Sita's Sister tells the tale of Ramayana from a woman's perspective. Here the woman is Urmila, Sita's younger sister and Lakshman's wife.

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Day In The Life Of An Entrepreneur: Arunima Shekhar, Tell-A-Tale

Arunima Shekhar turned Entrepreneur with Tell-A-Tale, a start-up in the business of telling children stories. She shares her life as an entrepreneur.

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How To Screw Up Like A Pro [Book Review]

Abirami Krishnan's How To Screw Up Like A Pro is a tightly narrated story that makes us wonder - have things really changed in the past fifty years?

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Bringing Up Your Baby [Book review]

Komal Porecha's parenting guide - Bringing Up Your Baby- is a fun and engaging tool to deal with your baby's first year, and unique from other guides out there!

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The Rules of Society
The Rules Of Society [Poem]

Who makes the rules of Society? Is it all human beings or only a subset of them? If women made the rules of Society, would they be different?

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unbreakable mary kom book review
Unbreakable: An Autobiography By M.C. Mary Kom

Unbreakable is the inspiring story of an amazing woman. Mary Kom’s autobiography is gripping and full of action, much like her punches.

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Gandi Baat

Stereotypes in Indian cinema: The real Gandi Baat is the objectification and stalking of women

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The Rani Of Jhansi By Prince Michael Of Greece And Denmark Book Review
The Rani Of Jhansi By Prince Michael Of Greece And Denmark

A book by royalty about royalty; The Rani of Jhansi by Prince Michael of Greece interweaves fact and fiction, and portrays the queen we have put on a pedestal as a flesh-and-blood woman.

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Karnas Wife Book Review
Karna’s Wife – The Outcast’s Queen

The love-hate relationship between Karna and Draupadi, his hatred for Shakuni, his loyalty to Duryodhana are all seen through the eyes of his wife, Uruvi.

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Monkey And The Crocodile: Teachings For Your Workplace

As kids, we have all heard the story of the Monkey and the Crocodile from the Panchatantra. A monkey lives on a rose-apple tree on the banks of a river. He befriends a crocodile, with whom he shares rose-apples from his tree, every day. One day, the crocodile carries some rose-apples back for his wife. […]

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Rukmini Bhaya Nair’s Mad Girl’s Love Song
Mad Girl’s Love Song

Rukmini Bhaya Nair’s Mad Girl’s Love Song draws from literary giants to create a many layered tale, which is bound to intrigue literature lovers.

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Book review: Apurva Purohit's Lady You're Not A Man
Lady, You’re Not A Man!

Apurva Purohit’s Lady You’re Not A Man is for every Indian woman who is striving to strike that perfect work-life balance.

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Men or women - who has more choices?
A Matter Of Choice, Or Is It?

Do men in India have more choices than Indian women? Or does society force men also to conform to expectations?

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Book review: Shruti Kohli’s The Petticoat Journal
The Petticoat Journal

Shruti Kohli’s The Petticoat Journal aims to dispense advice to Indian women about money management, but instead spreads itself too thin.

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Gouri Dange's More ABC's Of Parenting
More ABCs Of Parenting; Gouri Dange’s New Book Is A Great Read For Parents

Good parenting skills are part instinct and part learning! Gouri Dange’s More ABCs Of Parenting talks about parenting skills you need in the 21st century.

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Stress free Monday morning
Beating Monday morning blues

Is it impossible to have a stress free Monday morning? Not if you follow these simple rules.

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Indian wedding
The In-Laws Phobia

It is time that Indian women stop fearing their in-laws and start learning to accept them - just as they accept their daughter-in-law.

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Men’s Work, Or Is It?

Why do we still observe the gender division of labour, the boundary that defines male and female work?

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How Dare You Be A Female?

The greatest sin of all is being female in India. That is what we lead women who face assault to believe.

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Too Asian Not Asian Enough
Too Asian, Not Asian Enough

Edited by Kavita Bhanot Too Asian, Not Asian Enough is a collection of short stories by British Asian writers transcending cultural identities.

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Dowry Reported, But Why Is There No “Next”?

Years after dowry in India was made illegal, it still continues to exist in our society. Why? What is the next step in eliminating the dowry system in India?

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