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Lady, You’re Not A Man!

Posted: August 1, 2013

Apurva Purohit’s Lady, You’re Not A Man! is for every Indian woman who is striving to strike that perfect work-life balance.

Review by Arunima Shekhar

Lady, You’re Not A Man! by Apurva Purohit is a book which most Indian women, who are juggling a hectic corporate lifestyle and family, will relate to. The book has the right mix of real-life stories, witty anecdotes, and practical tips, making the read both useful and engaging. The narrative is crisp and to the point, and rarely veers off the track.

The book is structured into 3 parts – accept, adapt and achieve. Acceptance of the fact that as a woman you are wired differently, mentally and biologically; adapt to situations, people and opportunities, and make the best out of them; and then finally “a sense of accomplishment – hard won, but oh so sweet”. You can’t help but notice how these 3 parts are so similar to the 3 phases in a woman’s life; as a teenager, when you accept that you are different, psychologically and physiologically than those boys who were your playmates since childhood; as a woman in your 20s and 30s, when you adapt to the changing scenery around you – a new workplace, a new family, motherhood; and finally as you hit late 30s, or early 40s, a sense of achievement and, hopefully, contentment.

The book is meant for working women, written from the perspective of a working woman. Yet a lot of the tips will come in handy to all Indian women. There is a thin line of humour throughout the book, which will ensure that the tiny smile lingering on your lips will stay there till the end of the book. Like the fact that “women only get better with age”, or that “your male subordinates are wired differently, poor things” or tips on “training husbands” (you heard it right!).

In all, it’s a great weekend read, leaving you with a nice feel-good feeling, a positive outlook towards life and the knowledge that you’re not alone in all that you face in this tightrope walk of balancing work and family.

Publishers: Rupa.

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  1. Hi Apoorva! I think it must be a great read!

    Looking forward….

  2. Such an “AWESOME” work done………. keep doing !!!

  3. Sangeeta Deshpande -

    I have just completed reading the book and i have fallen in love with the author. I too am a working woman juggling between family and job and carrying n number of guilt feelings.But after reading this book I have gained tremendous confidence. And as said in one of the review comments I was constantly carrying a smile on my face. I have thoroughly enjoyed every page of the Book.I feel every woman should read this book !

  4. Deepali Lakdawala (CWA, CS) -

    Mem its great, really inspirational. I too am a working woman and times finds its difficult to manage all the things at the same time. I always tell my husband who is working in your company Darshak lakdawala (Surat office), that he should help in house work as you have given in your book. Every working woman should read these book it’s really great.

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