Why We Love The Way We Do [Book Review]

Preeti Shenoy's 'Why We Love The Way We Do' is one of her forays into the world of non-fiction / self-help. And she does it justice.

Preeti Shenoy’s ‘Why We Love The Way We Do‘ is one of her forays into the world of non-fiction / self-help. And she does it justice.

Preeti Shenoy is an author, touted as one of the top-selling authors in India currently, who has hitherto engaged readers with her works of fiction.


The book is a collection of articles from Preeti Shenoy’s column Sex and The City written for the popular national daily Financial Chronicles and is divided into 7 sections, which covers every imaginable topic under relationships. From finding the right partner to divorce and after, from falling in love to serving chai and samosas to proposals on bent knees, from dealing with broken hearts to anger management in relationships, from sex in the bedroom to hooking up and dealing with one-night stands, the book covers it all.

As one reads the book, one realization slowly dawns upon the reader. Although the author is a female and as such a lot of the articles can be perceived as written from a woman’s perspective, there is something for every person, male or female in the book. Most of the articles under the sections Finding the One, Getting Hitched and Let’s Talk apply equally to men and women. Men might even find it useful to take a page or two out of the section Between the Sheets.

While Preeti Shenoy does complete justice to the topic she deals with, it takes a while to understand what the topic in question is. At first glance the book seems to be disjointed. I, for one, started reading from the section Let’s Talk, and moved randomly between sections and articles within each section. Then it hit me that that is the uniqueness of the book. One can start reading from anywhere and stop anywhere and still it will make complete sense. Also, at no point does Preeti sound sermonizing, or try to appear as an expert on the subject of love and relationships – a stark difference from other books in the same genre. The book is a random statement of events and facts that the author has encountered or witnessed in her life, and anecdotes from the lives of those around her.

The downside of this is that one is not really tempted to read the complete book. One reads it in bits and pieces, much like one would read a daily column in a newspaper or someone’s personal blog, with the same degree of indifference and interest. There is no take-away to be gained and not much that will stay with you when you put down the book, except a fortification of the knowledge that, irrespective of what their Facebook accounts say, every person deals with the same demons in their personal lives.

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