How You Can #BePrepared In Case Of An Earthquake And Save Lives

Disasters like an earthquake can strike like a bolt from the blue. Here is how you can be prepared and save lives.

Disasters like an earthquake can strike like a bolt from the blue. Here is how you can be prepared and save lives.

According to a report by US Geological Survey year, the number of significant earthquakes (4.0 and above on Richter scale) have been increasing every year. 2015 saw 102 significant earthquakes globally. The disaster management experts at the Indian Ministry of Home Affairs recently released a warning of an earthquake of 8.0 magnitude and above, which may strike the Himalayan belt, specifically North and North-East India. Social media, as usual went berserk, with people sharing articles about the MHA warning to an extent where it became the trending topic on most of the popular social media channels.

Our stories tell us, “Prevention is the best cure.” So we felt it prudent to stop spreading panic, and instead come up with something that will help people #beprepared for such a disaster, in case it (God forbid) strikes.

So here’s what our team is doing, and we hope you do so to:

1. Prepare a survival kit

The kit should contain

a torch with 10 batteries,
a bottle of packaged drinking water,
a small empty bottle,
a t-shirt (preferably full sleeved),
a pair of slippers,
a packet of tiger biscuits
a bar of high calorie chocolate

2. Keep essentials together at one place

Keep your passport, wallet with money in it (cash no cards, remember ATMs and electricity may or may not be available), laptop and phone (along with their chargers) always at one place. If possible club with Bag containing (1). Ideally a laptop bag (backpack style) should be able to accommodate all of (1) and (2).

3. Stay charged

Keep your laptops and phones fully charged as far as possible. Even if you are out at work or in your car, keep your phone on charging.

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4. All things accessible

Keep 1 and 2 within 5 seconds reach ALWAYS. Most earthquakes are at least 5 seconds long, and you may not get more than 3 seconds to escape. Yes you may be ridiculed, even called paranoid, but better prepared than not.

5. Memorize some phone numbers

It is surprising how most of us barely remember beyond 3 phone numbers from our phone book. Memorize phone number of at least 5 people whom you can call in case of an emergency (friends or relatives). If you have children, make them learn the phone numbers of at least 5 relatives. Also, make sure at least 2 of them are from a stabler tectonic plate.

6. Know and teach the basics

Do you know what to do in case of a disaster, specifically an earthquake? Great, now teach your children what to do in case of an earthquake too, even if they are just 2. If you explain properly, they will understand.

We can’t control our fates, we don’t know how true the warning is, but we can try our best to ‪#‎beprepared‬.

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Image source: road cracked by earthquake by Shutterstock.


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