How Dare You Be A Female?

The greatest sin of all is being female in India. That is what we lead women who face assault to believe.


So one person “gets raped”, gets thrown out and undergoes a trauma that about 50 people undergo in India every day. And suddenly every rape case from every corner of the country makes it to the headlines. And then start the opinions and sermons.

How dare the girl walk around after 10 pm, she deserved it, she invited it. Of course, how stupid of us not to realize that the safest way to remain safe is stay indoors after dark. Although I am not sure how this piece of advice would have helped the lady who was molested in daylight in a moving car, by a person known to her, and dumped near Kalkaji.

How dare we wear tight jeans, or tops that show that teeny bit of our shoulder or mid-riff? Don’t we know that there are men who are aroused by anything that is not shrouded from head to foot. It’s a pity the 4-year old kid in Hyderabad didn’t know that; if she did, she could have saved herself.

Tip for those who are being raped, be submissive. (Isn’t that what you have been taught as a woman all these years). It’ll help you save your intestines! So even if you know some self-defense tactics, make sure you forget them.

Do not go out at night, and don’t ever go out with male friends. After all, there is hardly any difference in being with a boyfriend or male friends and being with male strangers.

And God forbid, if after all these “precautions” you are unlucky enough to “get raped”, you can be sure that the next day’s headlines will read “x-year old female raped in ABC city” and not “x-year old man rapes in ABC city”.


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