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Bringing Up Your Baby [Book review]

Posted: June 19, 2014

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Komal Porecha’s parenting guide – Bringing Up Your Baby- is a fun, informative, and engaging tool to deal with your baby’s first year, and unique from other guides out there!

There are books on parenting and then there are books on parenting. Parenting guides, how-to’s, celebrity parenting experiences, parenting handbooks, self-help books, books on parenting styles and so on.

Bringing Up Your Baby is a refreshing change in this ocean of parenting books. It is all of the above things, rolled into one. And if that makes you wonder whether the end product is a mess, it is not.

Komal Porecha is a woman most urban, working women will identify with; which makes the book something that could have been written by any working mother, living in a metro and grappling with parenthood for the first time. This fact brings the book closer to your heart. If you have made the transition from an independent, working woman to a mother, you will find yourself nodding in agreement throughout the book.

If you have made the transition from an independent, working woman to a mother, you will find yourself nodding in agreement throughout the book.

There are 2 things that set this book apart from other parenting books. First, it is not just a personal memoir, but also contains a generous sprinkling of handy checklists, tips and advice from a doctor. Also, unlike most parenting books, at the end of each chapter there is some sound, down-to-earth advice from a father to all the fathers out there.

The narrative is simple and well-structured; talking about parenting experiences from before the baby is born, till the baby turns one. Funny anecdotes from the author’s experiences with the babies keep the reader engaged.

The book, however, is targeted at a particular class of people, specifically – nuclear families, living an urban lifestyle in metros. The larger majority of people living in smaller cities, who learn to deal single-handedly with their firstborns, with no maids or family members to help them out, and for whom motherhood marks a major lifestyle change, may not be able to identify with some parts of the book.

For the rest, Bringing Up Your Baby is everything it promises to be – “the comprehensive guide for your baby’s first year”.

Publisher: Random House India

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