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On Valentine’s Day I Want To Wear Red… Why Can’t I?

It is unbelievable that even in 2021, a widow is expected to not dress up, wear colours... when will this change?

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I Saw You…

She saw her loved one in a dream, someone who had long gone away where she couldn't reach him...

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A Young Widow’s Grief Lies Heavy On Me, But I Have To Go On For My Son

The author lost a beloved husband in her early 30s, needing to be strong, she sometimes wears a mask, giving in to her grief when music moves her.

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My Angel

This poem, portraying a grieving mother, will move you.

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Locked No More In Her Tower

“Hmmm. No one reacts when a woman gets beaten openly on the street, but the minute a woman starts hitting a man, out come the cameras.”

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Who, Really, Is The Other Woman?

Yes, you were wrong in falling in love with a married man, but then the married man was more at fault. And if I had to hate someone it should be him, not you. You are a stranger to me, why should I hate you?

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A Proud Moment In A New Mom’s Life

I never knew 'excellent' still meant so much to me. Until I heard the doctor apply the word to me as a mom!

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STRONG. How Heavy The Word Seems Sometimes. Can I Be It?

A woman grieving for her husband speaks about the deep exhaustion and blackness she feels, and how she needs to be strong, but wonders if she can do it.

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Life! Let’s Fight!

When life gets you down, can you stand up and tell life that you're still fighting? That you won't go down?

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Losing To The Other Woman!

You lose to the other woman. But is this other woman really gaining anything? What is the truth of these relationships anyway?

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My Son And I – We Are A Team

A poignant poem, in which a child reassures a grieving mother.

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The Revenge Of The Queen

She could sense his temper raising. She knew how to bait him. He asked her to repeat, his voice rising, almost on the verge of shouting.

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Being God In Her Tower

For anyone else watching Sneha, it would seem so normal, a girl going out for the night for some late-night party maybe, or maybe she was returning home after a party.

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An Open Letter From A Scared Mom

I am scared of this society, I am scared for my baby. With the spate of crimes against children and even infants, how do I keep my child safe?

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A Betrayal To Be Ashamed Of!

A slice of life story of a young woman all alone in a new city on her first job, and ill. "I so missed my mom, but I did not want to worry them; it was just a fever after all."

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You And Me … But Where Are You?

A young woman who has recently lost her husband muses on where he might be, and finds an unexpected answer in her thoughts. #Poetry

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I am a widow
I Am A Widow… But I Still Want To Live Life!

Why should I be expected to display my grief, or behave as if my life is over just because I am a widow? I want to live life.

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This Teenager Taught Me That I Don’t Need To Declare My Religion To The World

A fews ago, a small piece of news captured my heart. A 15 year old girl had decided not to fill the column of religion in school forms.

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The Nightmare [Short Story]

What was the truth? Was this child his real son, or the 'other'? A riveting horror story by one of our star fiction writers.

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How To Resolve Conflicts In Your Professional Life?

Difference of opinion is inevitable when dealing with different kinds of people, but the key is in how to resolve conflict. A thoughtful post.

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Are You 30+? Then You Must Be Looking For Company!

If you are a 30+ woman living alone, you are treated like an easy target – someone who is definitely looking for 'company'.

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I Am The One Who Really Lost My Freedom After Marriage!

Sexist jokes about married men having lost their freedom abound on social media and with friends. Isn't it married women who lose their freedom, though?

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The Beautiful Bimbo Stereotype That Haunts The Professional World

Sexual harassment at office by women against women occurs as well, who believe that a beautiful woman always gains favor because of her looks.

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A Modern Fairy Tale – The Kitten And The Ghost [#ShortStory]

A heart-warming story about the power of sacrifice, and what true friendship can achieve.

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Do Relationships Have A Religion? #Partition #ShortStory

Love knows no boundaries, neither of religion nor country. An emotional Partition story that speaks of Hindu Muslim relationships. 

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When The First Flush In A Marriage Is Over, How Is Reality Vs. The Myth?

Does the myth surrounding marriage really stand the test of time? What is the reality once the first flush in a marriage is over?

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Break The Silence. It Might Help Keep Other Women Safe From Molestation

Will men feel a check if they are made aware of the trauma of molestation by the women they love, and stop them from molesting any other women?

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To Be Or Not To Be A Mom…Who Decides?

What is so wrong if we want the right to decide when to have a baby? Why should others decide the why and how in our personal life?

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Until Our Girls Are Empowered Enough To Stand Up Fearlessly To Exploiters, Women’s Day Might Be Necessary

We need to empower our girls so that they can hit back if they are exploited. Until then, we need special privileges for women.

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