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You And Me … But Where Are You?

Posted: May 8, 2018

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A young woman who has recently lost her husband muses on where he might be, and finds an unexpected answer in her thoughts. #Poetry

Standing in my balcony, 

I watch the world go by,

Everyone looks so alive.

I look up at the sky

And I think

Are you looking at me,

Can you see me now?

They say there are no regrets after death

But who has come back and told us.

Are you sad?

Do you miss me too?

Do your arms ache to be around me?

Are you lonely?

I try not to think about you,

I don’t look at your pictures.

I run from your memories

And yet I carry you everywhere with me.

Your smile, your words.

I see you in me.

When I give the kitchen counter top an extra rub it’s you I see,

When I watch political debates and participate,  it’s you I hear,

When I study the share market it’s your instincts I rely on,

When I laugh at the mindless comedies it’s your humor I appreciate,

You forged me into what I am today.

You taught me to be me.

You are in me, a part of me now.

You are not gone, you have not left,

You just became me

To be with me, eternally…

Image source: pixabay

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