A Modern Fairy Tale – The Kitten And The Ghost [#ShortStory]

A heart-warming story about the power of sacrifice, and what true friendship can achieve.

A heart-warming story about the power of sacrifice, and what true friendship can achieve.

There was darkness all around, with no sound heard anywhere. There was dirt and squalor everywhere. Suddenly a little voice could be heard, “mew mew.” A little Kitten peeped from behind the bin, his big innocent eyes taking in everything.

The little Kitten did not have any friends; she did not know where her parents were. Her fur was all ruffled and she was hungry. But no one liked her or played with her, she was very lonely and sad. She was shiny and black and people shooed her away the minute they saw her.

She kept walking searching for food from one bin to another, hiding from everyone. And then suddenly she a strange thing happened. She felt a waft of cold air coming towards her. She was curious it was a warm night, how could that dark alley be so cold!

She slowly walked in and saw a strange sight a little jolly looking Ghost sitting on a barrel playing a flute. Our little Kitten just stood there watching him fascinated. She could see the wall on the other side through him.

She had never seen a Ghost before and she always believed they were scary. But he looked friendly. Suddenly the Ghost smiled at the Kitten. The Kitten walked up to him, “Mew mew. Are you new here? Why are you so cold? Can we be friends? I do not have any friends? Do you have some food? Where did you learn to play the flute? It is lovely.”

The Ghost started laughing, “Why! You are a restless little Kitten. How many questions do you ask?” The Kitten laughed too this was the first time someone had talked to her so lovingly.

From that day on the Kitten and the Ghost became very good friends. They were a common sight roaming around the alleyways, talking about everything. The Kitten always had a lot to say and the Ghost would listen and smile.

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The Kitten was very happy she had a friend now. But she always told felt the Ghost was very different from other Ghosts she had heard about. He helped people, he was kind, he had a warm heart. But the Kitten never understood why he was so cold, all time.

One day while they were roaming through the streets, some Ghosts came and stopped them. They were scary and the little Kitten quickly hid behind her friend.

One of the dirty menacing Ghosts look at the Kitten and asked the Ghost, “What are you doing with this piece of fur? Ghosts do not make friends, come away right now. She is not fit to be seen with you. Come away with us, or we will destroy your friend.” A thin, lanky Ghost said, “Give me the job, I would love doing it” and looked threateningly at the little Kitten. The Ghost wanted to protect his friend so he agreed to go away and told the Kitten to make new friends.

But the Kitten kept searching for her friend everywhere all the time. She was worried about her friend. Days, weeks, months, years passed by. At last, one night she felt a freezing cold surge of air coming from an alley and there he was. A big Ghost was standing looking at a wall. It was the same place the Kitten and the Ghost had met long ago.

The Kitten now grown up into a black cat with shiny fur slowly walked up to him. But she couldn’t reach him, he was so cold. Everything around him was freezing, even her fur could not help her. She kept staring at him. He had become colder much colder than before. The Ghost looked at her, “I am sorry I am so cold now that I can never have any feelings. Ghosts should not have friends.” And he slowly vanished away.

But the Kitten did not give up, she kept searching for him. And whenever she found him she sat down talking with him, although she had to sit faraway. The Kitten was sad she wanted her friend to be happy to make new friends. He didn’t even play the flute anymore.

At last, one night she found him sleeping. She cautiously walked up to him, but it was so freezing cold, the she could hardly keep her teeth from chattering. She went up to her friend and curled up near his chest. Slowly the warmth and love of the Kitten seeped into him. His furry little friend’s warmth warmed him from inside. He started losing his lifeless color.

The Ghost suddenly woke up from a thumping sound coming from inside his chest! His heart was thumping! And there was no chill in his heart anymore. He sat up and looked at himself. He seemed human! And it was then that he saw the lifeless body of his little friend.

He was too stunned for words, tears flowing down his eyes while he tenderly picked his little friend in his hands and tried to help him. He could not believe his friend had given him life while she lost her own.

Suddenly he heard a voice somewhere, “Your friend has given up her life so you can have a life of your own. Go ahead in this world and spread the love she has taught you and help them who have nowhere else to go.”

Ever since then he can be seen helping people, he has never forgotten his dear little friend. He has kept her love in his heart and kept her alive through helping others whenever he can.

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