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An Open Letter From A Scared Mom

Posted: May 18, 2018

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I am scared of this society, I am scared for my baby. With the spate of crimes against children and even infants, how do I keep my child safe?

A few years back I was totally against having a kid – I just didn’t want to have a child. The reason? I was worried how I would keep him/her safe in this world. All the news that I read/saw was scary. How would I keep my child safe?

Today, when I have a baby I am really, really scared. How do I keep him safe? From how many do I need to protect him? The lift man? The guard? His teacher? Uncles? Grand fathers? His bus driver? Shop keeper? How? How? How? I am scared, afraid.

How do I keep a baby, a kid, a child safe? Who is safe in this world? Asking why and how these people can do such things to a child, a baby, has no meaning and yet I keep asking myself that. These are dirty, perverted people. I don’t know how and what to do to keep my baby safe.

Teach your kid to shout, teach him to cry out loud if anyone touches him/her. Teach them about bad touch, good touch as soon as they understand. Tell them where it is not right to be touched. But an 8 month old, a 6 month old? What do I teach them? What do we tell them? We have to work, we go out, we leave them with relatives, neighbours come over to play. What do you do? Stop being social?

Be careful I say, be alert. But are there really any signs? Are there? Is there anything that can make us wary of someone? Sixth sense? Does it really work? Every time? Can we really trust it? What do we trust? Who do we trust?

Yes, like others I also say kill them who do such things. Capital punishment, that’s what they deserve or even worse if it’s possible – yes, I do say that. But how we stop such a thing from happening? Is there anything we can do to protect them? Being a mother I am asking you – anyone who is reading, is there really something that we can do to protect our kids? Help me, help us, we are scared!

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