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We are an author duo who love writing together. We have written a couple of books together, Tete a tete with R&S and Anu and Isha.

Voice of R&S

raising a boy
‘Don’t Cry Like A Girl’…Whether Raising A Boy Or Girl, Sexism Starts In The Playground! 

My son N jumped from the swing & fell flat on his face. His friend said, 'Don't cry like a girl' & that made my blood boil!

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woman superheroes
Excuse Me, Where Are Bollywood’s Woman Superheroes?

While the West has 'Wonder Woman' and 'Black Widow', we have 'Shaktiman' and 'Krrish'. Where are the Indian woman superheroes? 

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last name
After The 9 Months & Labour, I Definitely Wanted To Give My Son My Last Name. But Did We? No!

Why aren't women encouraged to give their last names to children? Perhaps the child can be given a 'unique' last name that doesn't belong to both parents!

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Finding The ‘Sherni’ Inside All Of

Vidya Balan starrer 'Sherni' received raving reviews. R and S discuss their take-aways from the movie over a virtual cuppa coffee.

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Mom Guilt And Mid-Life Crisis: A Typical Day In The Lives Of Moms Who Work From Home!

Two moms give us an account of a typical crazy day in their lives as they balance parenting and work-from-home.

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Exploring Infidelity Through Masoom (1983): Is It A Bad Word?

Infidelity. The word conjures up images of trauma, grief, pain. But let's get to the bottom of what it means in different contexts.

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Minimalistic Parenting – A New ‘Fad’ Or Does It Really Work?

Over the years, parenting has changed quite a lot and now the latest 'fad' is that of Minimalistic Parenting. Here's what I think about it!

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