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fake news
Of News And Of Truth

They say that a lie can travel halfway across the world as the truth is putting its shoes on. In these days of fake news, this has never run so true. How should we keep ourselves sane and well-informed, then?

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Men, Women And Equality!

Do you think the man-woman divide; in terms of things still being a little unfair for women,exists?

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Relationships And Moving On

For as long as my memories go, relationships with an emotional attachment have weighed heavy.

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Equality between Men and Women! Why are we still having this conversation!?
Equality Between Men And Women! Why Are We Still Having This Conversation!?

One would think that with the leap of technology our thinking would also have leapt at the same pace. But even in advanced countries it has been slow to keep up.

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What Role Sanctity Has In Marriage And Infidelity?

Marriage equals commitment and commitment at some level is required in all pursuits of life, be it marriage or career.

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Has Today’s Parenting Become Vastly Structured?

How do you raise imaginative and confident kids in today’s structured and somewhat overprotective parenting standards?

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Can 'Being A Parent' And 'Regret' Be Used In the Same Sentence?
Can ‘Being A Parent’ And ‘Regret’ Be Used In the Same Sentence?

Can 'being a parent' and 'regret' be used in the same sentence? Are we evolved or aware enough to even consider it? Here is a snippet of a conversation on parenthood!

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Which Is The One Chapter Of Your Life That Stands Out?

My ideas and mindset broke barriers the way I could never imagine they would, and I am very proud of the person they made me.

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Should We Give Up Our Luxuries – To Pursue Our Dreams At 40?
Should We Give Up Our Luxuries – To Pursue Our Dreams At 40?

What was stopping me from quitting my full time job? It is a huge leap of faith, after all. A consistent salary is not easy to give up, no matter how soul crushing the job may be.

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alpha male
Has The Definition Of The ‘Alpha Male’ Become Outdated?

Has the time come to finally redefine what an alpha male is? Should the term be more inclusive instead of domineering?

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Siblings Are Supposed To Be Born Friends!

I don't know if he liked those games. I never cared. And probably he did not think he had a choice. Siblings are supposed to be born friends.

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Are Working Women Too Hard On Themselves?

 As life's responsibilities fall on you, however, things begin to change. It gets more and more difficult to juggle everything.

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Raising Kids Amidst The Pandemic

Parenting is a roller coaster ride even in the best of situations. Coupled with the challenges of a pandemic, the questions and insecurities related to parenting reaches a new height.

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Was It Blind Faith Or Were Superstitions Made Up For Practical Reasons?

Nowadays, 'faith' has a good vibe and superstition is old-school. But perhaps there was a practical reason behind these superstitions!

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Being A Girl’s Mom Vs Boy’s Mom- Are They Really That Different?

My son comes to be with his 'uncomfortable' questions! With my daughter, it seems like a mom's job is never done. At the risk of sounding cheesy, all one can do is be a loving mom & accept your kids for who they are.

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The Rise and Fall of Famous People

It's a classic story, the people we love to build up on a pedestal, suddenly seem to crash overnight and all of us can't get enough of it.

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end a relationship
One Of Life’s Greatest Dilemmas…When To End A Relationship & When To Stay!

When to end a relationship? Relationships are like bread n butter, they could be like rajbhog or French macaroons too. Like food, they can turn sour, bitter or even rotten!

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raising a boy
‘Don’t Cry Like A Girl’…Whether Raising A Boy Or Girl, Sexism Starts In The Playground! 

My son N jumped from the swing & fell flat on his face. His friend said, 'Don't cry like a girl' & that made my blood boil!

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woman superheroes
Excuse Me, Where Are Bollywood’s Woman Superheroes?

While the West has 'Wonder Woman' and 'Black Widow', we have 'Shaktiman' and 'Krrish'. Where are the Indian woman superheroes? 

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last name
After The 9 Months & Labour, I Definitely Wanted To Give My Son My Last Name. But Did We? No!

Why aren't women encouraged to give their last names to children? Perhaps the child can be given a 'unique' last name that doesn't belong to both parents!

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Finding The ‘Sherni’ Inside All Of

Vidya Balan starrer 'Sherni' received raving reviews. R and S discuss their take-aways from the movie over a virtual cuppa coffee.

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Mom Guilt And Mid-Life Crisis: A Typical Day In The Lives Of Moms Who Work From Home!

Two moms give us an account of a typical crazy day in their lives as they balance parenting and work-from-home.

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The Starry-Eyed Twenties

The world was just so full of possibilities. Friends were more important than anybody. Relationships were exciting. The world was open and out there waiting to be travelled.

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Exploring Infidelity Through Masoom (1983): Is It A Bad Word?

Infidelity. The word conjures up images of trauma, grief, pain. But let's get to the bottom of what it means in different contexts.

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Minimalistic Parenting – A New ‘Fad’ Or Does It Really Work?

Over the years, parenting has changed quite a lot and now the latest 'fad' is that of Minimalistic Parenting. Here's what I think about it!

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