Men, Women And Equality!

Do you think the man-woman divide; in terms of things still being a little unfair for women,exists?

Equality between men and women – are we there yet? Or do we still need to talk about it, fight for it.

Below is a little chat between R and S on what they think!

R says:
 Do you think the man-woman divide; in terms of things still being a little unfair for women,
exists? I do know it does exist in pockets; especially where women are not educated enough or
not exposed to as many opportunities as many others. However, what is your perspective on it?

S says: I am all for equal opportunity. One would think that with the leap of technology our thinking
would also have leapt at the same pace. But even in advanced countries it has been slow to
keep up. It feels like only now that women are demanding equality in pay. Should it not be a
given, by this point?

R says: Yes we would think it should be given, rather all sorted out by now given the fact that it has been decades since ‘humankind’ has been working towards it; but unfortunately it is not so.

I think the entire fight for ‘equality’ stemmed from women wanting to do what men were doing
traditionally, and wanting to be treated equal there. In its course, women had to juggle their own
family-related responsibilities, which they did by either stressing themselves out or compromising
on them.

The patriarchal society trained mindsets to value a woman’s role as lesser than a man’s. And
hence, women fought for their rights to get into jobs which men did.

Maybe if equal opportunity meant that rearing children were to be treated as significant as work
with monetary benefits, being emotional and/or sensitive as important and physical strength;
equality would come easier.

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