What Role Sanctity Has In Marriage And Infidelity?

Marriage equals commitment and commitment at some level is required in all pursuits of life, be it marriage or career.

Marriage and infidelity are terms and topics that each one of us will have tons to say about, each viewpoint slightly different from the other.

When two friends choose to discuss it, something like the one below cooks up.

Below is a light-hearted (or maybe not!) banter between R and S on the above two topics.

Marriage is equal to the commitment

“So how would you explain marriage to a 16 (that’s oddly specific!) year old of today? In current times when tons of ideas are floating around, and lots of choices are available, sometimes confusing too, can we even use ‘marriage’ and ‘sanctity’ in the same sentence and not sound old-fashioned?”

“Well, I think marriage equals commitment. And I think commitment at some level is required in all life pursuits, be it marriage or career or nurturing a talent.”

“At the end of the day to make a marriage successful, you need to be a good person and find a good person (and I don’t care if it sounds simplistic), who is ready for a life sentence.”

“I mean, sure, at some point everything carries a risk of unravelling. When you start a new job, it comes with a risk of getting fired. You might also think of quitting at some point, if you see that it isn’t for you. That doesn’t mean you don’t take it up in the first place. Why should marriage be any different?”

“Concerning using ‘marriage’ and ‘sanctity’, of course, they should go hand in hand! Does it not come back to commitment in the end?”

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It’s your choice at the end of the day

“That sounds a wee bit idealistic!”

“Look, at the end of the day, it is a choice. It is a choice to marry, stay married, or separate if it doesn’t work out. Thankfully, we live in a time when (mostly) no one is holding a gun to your head for it.”

“Just have a go at it with everything you got while you are at it. Nothing idealistic or old-fashioned about that, is it?”

“Oh! Not any more! With your explanation, marriage and sanctity seem like the next ‘New Kid on the Block’!”

“What do you mean ‘New Kid on the Block’?!”

“I meant the next in-thing!”

“Really? New kid on the block?”

Is infidelity still a bad word?

Forget that. So now, how does Infidelity fit in with Sanctity? Is it still as bad a word as it was 30 years ago?

I can’t answer that without sounding sanctimonious.

Very funny.

How can Infidelity fit in with sanctity? I would think they wouldn’t fit in the same sentence, would they?

You are right, you do sound sanctimonious.

I can’t win, can I? I either come off sounding too idealistic or too ‘holier-than-thou’’ and I hate being either. Anyway, enough of my thoughts on this, what do you think?

Infidelity is an event and behind any event there is a force

Well yeah, infidelity would not be sanctimonious, as it amounts to cheating and cheating can never be ‘holy’.

But unlike yesteryears when we had strict rules on morality and stricter dos and don’ts, to contribute to evolving minds, we do accept things as people change, and relationships change. What one may feel about something or someone today might change with time, owing to a situation or the person him/herself.

And due to all these reasons, if a person does cross lines in a marriage, we tend to or rather should tend to evaluate the reasons behind it.

And hence I think, an infidelity is an event, like any other event; and behind any event there is a force, a reason.

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