9 Green Flags In A Relationship That You Can Develop!

I have written a list of 9 green flags in a relationship that you can develop; remember, being in a healthy relationship is a human right!

9 Green Flags In A Relationship That You Can Develop!

Every day on the internet, we see talks and discussions about red flags, toxic traits and abusive behaviours that shape relationships, which is scary and sad; but a reality!

Human romantic relationships have never been easy! And thanks to patriarchy and cultural conditioning, we women have been taught when a man does the bare-minimum display of decency; we should be praising it!

And red flags are not an issue exclusive to straight couples, matters of heart are common to all! Hence, I have decided to write down this list of must’ve green flags in a relationship; irrespective of your sexual orientation or gender, remember being in a healthy relationship is also a human right!

Green flags in a relationship

Here are the signs of a healthy relationship, you should know

  • Mutual trust and honesty: you feel comfortable and safe about sharing your thoughts and feelings with each other. Being honest and opening up to your partner, without the fear of being judged or getting your private thoughts weaponized against you, should be the norm and not a rarity!
  • Open communication: Both of you can
    • a) communicate openly and effectively with each other, without the need to see it from lenses of favour!
    • b) both of you listen to each other’s perspectives, and try to understand the source of the issue rather than be defensive!
    • c) work through any conflicts; it is not you vs your partner, but both of you vs the problem!
  • Both of you show respect: for each other’s boundaries, feelings, and opinions. Without belittling or criticizing each other or feeling left out, you can offer support! Just because your partner tells you everything doesn’t mean, you demand access to their every thought and action.
  • Both of you share similar: values goals, and beliefs about life and the relationship. Yes, the opposite attracts and keeps the chemistry fuelled, but at the end of the day; you have to share a common ground together!
  • Both of you maintain your: independence and pursue your interests, while still supporting each other in the relationship. Being in a relationship means, being reliant on each other now and then, but that doesn’t mean you let go of your personal time, needs and requirement! 
  • Your partner provides and gets: emotional and practical support to each other during both good and bad times. Love is not only about the good times, if your partner can’t step in to take care of you and your errands when you have a runny nose and a high fever; what’s the point of all lovey-dovey promises? 
  • You enjoy spending: time together and sharing a sense of humour. You find joy in each other’s company. The Pandemic had revealed, many couples love each other but don’t actually like each other’s company. You cannot be with a partner who doesn’t like spending time and joking with you! It’s a team effort!
  • Furthermore, you are able to empathize: with each other’s emotions and perspectives, by showing care and understanding for each other’s experiences. No two individuals are alike, so you have to keep an open heart; sometimes you have to force yourself into the other’s shoes to empathize; do it! Again it is a team effort, empathy saves many issues from turning into conflicts!
  • Both of you show: affection and appreciation for each other regularly, through verbal and physical expressions. Stop being shy about showing love and indulging each other in little PDA! Suppressing and repressing are not healthy!

Are you going to work with your partner to develop and nurture these green flags? Remember, a little extra effort every day, can save you from years of anguish in future! Human relationships are flawed and will never be perfect, so treat your heart with kindness and carry on loving in your unique way!

Image source: MonicaNinker, filadendron, FatCamera, via Getty Images, free and edited on CanvaPro


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