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I writer by 'will' , 'destiny' , 'genes', & 'profession' love to write as it is the perfect food for my soul's hunger pangs'. Writing since the age of seven, beginning with poetry, freelancing, scripting and having tried my hand at Journalism with a national daily........i have been extending my expression as i 'see & feel' the world around me. Here's my first step of opening my realm of thoughts for you. Welcome to 'my space' as i share it with you....and a hope that you find your connection here.

Voice of Nandita Sharma

She Had No Option But To Speak Up About The Invasion

Words wobble as she pours out her harrowing tale intermittently, and her struggle rolls down her cold cheeks like a splash of hot lava from the otherwise dormant volcano.

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A Rajasthan Court Orders Case Against Man Who Paid Dowry!

Recently, a Jodhpur based magistrate ordered the filing of an FIR against the father of a bride who had paid dowry during her wedding. Should dowry payers also be penalised?

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When My Mother Wasn’t Allowed To Enter A Temple Despite Supreme Court Orders

Recently, my mother had to face gender discrimination while entering a temple in Himachal Pradesh, despite the Supreme Court's orders.

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Maa… While I Was Alone!

A child tells her mother about being sexually abused by men she knows, how much it hurts, and wonders aloud if she should not have been born at all!

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The Tale Of Kaju And Kishmish

“My dear, I don’t mean to discourage you but our society is biased against single mothers but not single fathers. It’s an unfair world out there and fighting the taboo will not be easy.”

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A Day Without The Woman Of The House! What Would That be Like?

A witty account of how everything comes to a standstill, if the woman of the house takes a day off. It is time we give the stay at home mothers due respect.

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Not Your Daughter: Until Another 8 Year Old Is Brutalised

Despite all the outcry over the brutal murder of the little girl from Kathua, we are only waiting until the next such episode of brutality occurs.

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Hear Me ROAR: When A Woman Says NO, It Means NO!

Powerful poetry that narrates the tale of a woman's consent in a relationship from being strangers to marital rape. When a woman says NO it's a NO!

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thinking of you
Sometimes, Thinking Of You & Me

A woman longing for her loved one, wishing for the warmth that has been lost, and craving words that touched her soul. A sensitive portrayal.

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dear dad
Dear Dad, Why Didn’t You Teach Me to Speak Up?

Girls are taught not to speak up, so that they can be 'good girls'. This has more far reaching and horrifying consequences than their parents can ever imagine!

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Why ‘Fat’ Doesn’t Scare Me (And A Maggi With Chicken & Egg Recipe)

Overdosing on any foods is harmful indeed, but the key to enjoying your favourite foods, including Maggi, is moderation!

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it's my call
It’s My Call [#ShortStory]

As soon as everyone gathered for dinner, Saira handed the letter to her father in law. A curious gaze at the letter was accompanied by a startled expression.

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Milkha mom
I Am A Milkha Mom, On A Marathon Every Day To Get Everything Done!

A mom working from home is like a Milkha mom - on a perpetual marathon to get things done without being recognised or compensated for it.

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twin daughters
Oh! You’ve Got Twins And Both Are Daughters?!

I have twin daughters whom we love every much, and I don't think not having a son is in any way a misfortune as everyone seems to think!

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despite the gender I feel I am
Despite The Gender I Feel I Am [#ShortStory]

So what if my body didn’t reflect my desired gender? I wondered why my sexual preferences bothered others so much. Was it a crime if I didn’t feel like a woman?

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love poisons
For Sometimes, Love Poisons…! [#Poetry]

This is in memory of the sister who left the world too early choosing death instead of life at a young age. For sometimes, love poisons...

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the undaunted me
The Undaunted Me [#Poetry]

"The undaunted me will not remain fettered by your patriarchal chains," says the woman in this evocative poem.

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5 Offbeat Places To Visit In Himachal: Skip Shimla This Summer!

Himachal Pradesh has long been on every Indian traveler’s list, but this list of places to visit in Himachal will get you itching to go again! With the much anticipated summer holidays on and the mandatory yearly escape from the clutches of the scorching sun, Himachal may not sound new to the traveler in you. […]

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widowed mother
I Brought My Widowed Mother To Stay With Me, But My Husband And In Laws Had Issues With It

This woman's family had issues with her supporting a widowed mother. What is wrong with her wanting to do so, asks this young woman.

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not a slave
I Am A Member Of The Family, Not A Slave For Your Convenience And Pleasure!

Read the story of this woman who says that she is not a slave to be treated by her family shabbily, without any thought for her wishes.

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When My Mother Found Her Wings
When My Mother Found Her Wings! [#ShortStory]

"Even when I got married to your father I continued with my passion. But after his plane crash, everything came to a standstill..."

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Do You Give It Back If You Are Sexually Harassed? Rana Ayyub Did

Journalist Rana Ayyub recently took to Twitter to speak out clearly, against a man who harassed her viciously. The results were encouraging!

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My Child Is A Trans Boy Suffering Gender Dysphoria; We’re Still Grappling With It

My child, who we thought was a girl at birth, has Gender Dysphoria and identifies as a boy; it's hard on all of us in a society that still knows little about this.

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women travelling with friends
Gasp! Who Knew Men Had A Problem With Women Travelling With Girl Friends?

Why should women travelling with friends be such a problem with Indian society? After all, no one loses any sleep over men travelling together!

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Dorris Francis, ‘Traffic Queen’ & Other Unsung Heroes Recognised By Delhi Commission For Women

Despite the trauma of losing her daughter to a road accident, Dorris Francis has been voluntarily managing traffic at the same busy intersection in Ghaziabad for the past five years.

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the departure
The Departure [#ShortStory]

"She found herself muddled in the most difficult task of choosing between motherhood and a relationship, hesitant to make a profound call."

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How Dare You Touch My Daughter’s Bra? This Brave Mom Refused To Take Things Lying Down

When her daughter was harassed by a schoolmate, this brave mom refused to accept it as 'normal' and stood up for her daughter's rights.

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From A For Abortion To S For Safe Sex, Saathiya Is A Much Needed Kit For Young People

The new Saathiya resource kit from the Indian Health Ministry is a big step away from our chee-chee approach to sex education. A word of wisdom for the boys too, finally! Long pending and imperative.

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subodh kumar killer husband
Subodh Kumar, Killer Husband – Is The Kind Who Believes: I Am A Man! No Rules For Me!

Subodh Kumar, a man with two wives killed his first wife, chopping her into pieces! For how long are we going to tolerate such entitled monsters in our midst?

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The Blue Envelope [#ShortStory]

“And no, I wasn’t a lonely soul waiting to lean on a man’s shoulder but how could I be sure of someone fathering my autistic child?” A short story. Here is the second winner of our February 2017 Muse of the Month contest, Nandita Sharma. The cue for this month was from the movie Piku, in which Piku […]

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Just Talking About Safe Sex With Teenagers Is Not Enough. What About Dealing With Relationships?

We talk about sex ed with our teenagers to keep them safe, but do we really talk to them about dealing with relationships?

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Yes! I Want A Man By My Side [#ShortStory]

She had been a single mother all these years, but it was time for her to think of her needs as a woman!

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