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Maa… While I Was Alone!

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A child tells her mother about being sexually abused by men she knows, how much it hurts, and wonders aloud if she should not have been born at all!

They were a bunch of familiar faces
Cultured and credible [supposedly]
Yet well stocked with disguised lust
That you and I could never easily discern!

And then one day
They shamelessly savored my tender flesh
Gratifying their insatiable ‘sexual appetite
And look what they did to me
While you were away!


That ‘amiable uncle’
Snuggled me into his arms
Coaxed me to let him use his two hands
All over my flesh
While I was alone!


That ‘cordial man’
I fondly called my teacher
One day brazenly set out
To intrude my body parts
While I was alone!


That well disposed
‘Hospitable neighbor’ enticed me
Grabbed me with full force
To fulfill his profound craving
For a slice of me
While I was alone!


That ‘doting cousin’
Fondled with his organs
Sneaking his unsettling fingers
Under my clothes and
Groped me for a moment of pleasure
Without a peck of hesitation
While I was alone!


Even the ‘man’
Whose blood runs through my anatomy
The one I proudly called ‘papa
Derived gratification from my youthful frame
While I was alone!

And yes
I did utter a yelp
But in no time my shrieks
Dwindled into subdued whimpers
Before ‘they’ devoured me
Like a luscious morsel
Of course, abandoning the ‘left over’
Just to writhe in pain
And dwell in sullen silence

It really hurts!

I wish you hadn’t left me alone
If your observant eye
Could rescue me before the brutal invasion

My predators are all over
And perhaps
Your womb was the only safest haven!

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