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When School Boys Happily Wore Bangles Without Going Hawwww…!

A small incident in my daughter's preschool made me realize how we force our children to fit into gender stereotypes through little things.

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The House Husband

Just because we are used to something, why should the chain continue? Nisha is highly educated; she is working on a cutting-edge project. Why should she give up her dreams?

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5 Patriarchal Beliefs That Harm Men And In The Process Make It Harder For Women!

It's true that patriarchy has been most harmful to women, trapped by their gender. But men are also trapped by their gender, even if they enjoy a huge amount of privilege.

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“If You Get Some Help From Your Husband, Thank Your Stars” Is Such Messed Up Advice!

His mother, rather than asking him to improve and become responsible and careful in the house, asks her daughter-in-law to not irritate him!

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Can You Guess Which Parent It Was? Mom Or Dad?

If you really take the trouble to understand any kind of work at home, men can do it as well as women. It's 'our' work. Not 'her' work.

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Why Should A Woman Leave Her Home After Marriage?

What if I ask you to leave your loving parents forever and live with someone else your entire life, in their home, with their parents?

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