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“If You Get Some Help From Your Husband, Thank Your Stars” Is Such Messed Up Advice!

His mother, rather than asking him to improve and become responsible and careful in the house, asks her daughter-in-law to not irritate him!

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Why Does A Mother-in-Law Teach Her Son’s Favourite Dishes To His Wife, Instead Of To The Son Himself?

Why does calling out the issues of patriarchy make privileged people feel so 'angry and suffocated'? Imagine how many centuries of suffocation have been inflicted upon women 24X7, and which continues even today.

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I Cancelled ‘Wife Of…’ In The Form & Filled In My Mother’s Name. What Happened Next Infuriated Me!

As I wrote 'daughter of...' and filled my mother's name, the manager began laughing and called me crazy. He added a 'Mr.' in front of her name. Why don't official forms have the option of putting a mother's name?

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survival skills dependant
Who Is The Real Dependant? Most Men Don’t Know Basic Survival Skills Like Cooking, Yet Women Are Called Dependants!

It's strange that men depend on women for basic survival skills like cooking, but are called heads of family, while women are the dependants?

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