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When Women Like Kareena Say “I’m Not A Feminist” With No Clue How Feminism Made Their Lives Better!

Women who think they don’t need feminism often benefit from the struggle of women who came before them. Yet, with their attitude, they actually make the workplace more difficult for the women who come after them.

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Housework Gender Gap: When Men Buy Their Free Time With Women’s Labour
housework gender gap

Women work 24/7 - if not at a paid job, then at household chores. What percentage of men share this unending work? Time this housework gender gap was bridged.

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Cooking Is A Skill, And My Dad And Husband Vouch For That!

Dear men, if you flaunt your ignorance with pride and claim that you do not even know how to light up a gas stove, the joke is on you. Grow up!

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When My Little Brother Was Told: You Will Earn, She Will Handle Household Chores…!

From the age of just 5 years old, boys are taught that they need not do any house work. Why and what is the need for this?

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Looking After Our Child & Home Is Not Only My Responsibility—I’m Tired!

Now her cup of woes was packed to the brim, and the stress was starting to affect her work. She was also tired of being made to feel apologetic about her work commitments.

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Dear Husbands, Stop Behaving Like Helpless Raja Betas So Wives Won’t Feel The Need To ‘Fuss’ Or ‘Nag’

Why do some women feel compelled to set down instructions about household chores when away from home? Are men really unable to take responsibility for this?

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