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An Equalist. Proud woman. Love to dwell upon the layers within one statement.

Voice of Sarita Nirjhra

Have Pity On The Men Who Need To Cope With Some Empowered Women I Know!

Everyone speaks of women's empowerment - while I agree that a large section of the population needs to be empowered still, maybe these men need some help too?

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woman in 40s
As I Turn The Big 40, Here Are 5 Pieces Of Valuable Advice For My Younger Self

Looking back from her vantage point of being 40, the author gives some essential advice to her younger self, and with that, to all other younger women too.

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Marital Rape Happens On Mars!

Marital rape is deeply rooted in patriarchy, which looks at a woman as property in every sense. The "No" from a wife is not heard.

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witch hunting
A Thinking Woman Who Won’t Take Rot From You Must Be A Witch, Right?

Witch hunting still goes on, you say? What nonsense. But wait. Read this, and you'll know what I'm speaking about. Ain't it easy to label a woman who won't do as you want a bitch... or even a witch? 

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Dear Mother-in-Law, I Will No Longer Wear A Smiling Mask Despite All That Happens

A married woman in her 40s writes an open letter to her mother in law, telling her that it is time she be able to live life as herself, than just as a daughter in law. 

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Smriti Irani's bindi
The Curious Question Of Smriti Irani’s ‘Mathe Ki Bindia’ – It Happens Only India

The recent jibe of a seasoned politician Jaideep Kawde on another seasoned politician Smriti Zubin Irani about how the size of her bindi has been changing with every change of her husband, is not to be tolerated!

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