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Marital Rape Happens On Mars!

Posted: April 24, 2019

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Marital rape is deeply rooted in patriarchy, which looks at a woman as property in every sense. The “No” from a wife is not heard.

A rose is a rose is a rose.
Agreed…With all the beauty of words and poetry.

A No, is a No, is a No.
Ahem.. ok but you see the No is sometimes yes, or weak no, or think about No or even will do later No!

A Rape is a Rape is a Rape.
Ah! Now, this is erratic. Rape is categorized.

Asked for rape.
She was skimpily clad or was roaming with boys. She might have chosen vodka over mocktail. If not any of above of all she must be moving alone after 10pm.

Provocative Rape.
Her bare legs and navel were provocative. Her plunging neckline was enough for arousal. She was asking for it else she wouldn’t have worn such clothes. Just to remind age can be 3 months to 30 or 40 or 50 years. Kya farak padta hai! (how does it matter!)

Consensual Rape.
Oh, this is so prevalent. They say yes before making out but refuse with relationship pressure and then it is presented as rape! Why these girls come out only? Right??

Marital Rape.
Now, what’s that? This doesn’t exist in our country. A marriage is consummated and that’s the right of every man, I guess woman too.

By the recent statement by none other than the Ex CJI that martial rape shouldn’t be criminalized else society will go to anarchic.

Now I really believe my writing or for that matter, even face to face questioning won’t make any difference. This is deeply rooted patriarchy speaking which takes up woman as property in every sense. The “No” from a wife is not heard, and raped under the veil of marriage she mostly doesn’t even dare to acknowledge being forced.

So what made you gave this statement? Do you see Indian Married Women going so bold?? I’m not!

Still, for your enlightenment, I will try to explain what martial rape does to a woman.

The physical closeness of a good relationship gives strength and warmth to the woman, but marital rape gives her feelings of disgust and she dreads the night.

When a woman keeps her smile broad and laughs just to keep the hollowness away that’s the effect of marital rape.

When a woman is not able to answer a question regarding her happiness, that’s the effect of marital rape.

When a daughter is faking her smile hugging a father that’s the effect of marital rape.

When a woman loses her self confidence and goes into her inner shell that is the effect of marital rape as she is unable to take the abuse and the trauma, yet knows no way out as it is the right of the man!

Marital rape is not even talked about, and yes there’s the taboo which we are not even ready to accept, leave alone address.

The latest National Family Health Survey states that 83% of married women between the ages of 15 and 49 who have ever suffered sexual abuse cite their current husband as the perpetrator. When a woman starts looking at marriage as flesh trade where she is available on the bed in exchange for a society approved stamp … Sir, that’s the effect of marital rape and yes it shouldn’t be criminalized.

No one is killed.
No one dies.
No blood loss.
No financial loss.

It’s high time we do not close our eyes and look away from this ticking time bomb else the fabric of society will tear apart.

Do not test the patience of a woman, as she is thinking, she is watching, she is testing, she is waiting….just to take action…One day!

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