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My Son May Be Wheelchair Bound But His Determination Matches That Of Arjun’s

The cycle of karma has to be accepted and you are meant for something else my love. Search for new goal and keep your eyes onto it. Just like Arjun did.

The cycle of karma has to be accepted and you are meant for something else my love. Search for new goal and keep your eyes onto it. Just like Arjun did.

“I love you,” she whispered into her pink cell phone. Nothing but music and the rustle of paper returned at what she thought was an open and honest expression.

“Did you hear me?” she paused. “I said I love you.”

She put the phone down and sighed. It is a few more hours before she meets him at home. She tries to spend more time with him but work commitments always play a spoilsport!

The blank eyes looked at her

At night, they sat in silence and ate dinner. While clearing the table she thought of indulging into some conversation but he was lost in his own world. She bent upon and removed the hair from his forehead and kissed him.

Looking into his eyes, she repeated, “I love you.”  She got a meek smile in return. The eyes were still blank, with the loss of a dream.

She turned back and came out closing the door behind. The strong woman inside the room had moisture around her eyes.

It had been more than eight months and the young man seemed to have forgotten how to smile. The days were long and nights even longer as the physical pain healed but the emotional one was hard to overcome.

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All she wanted was to be there for him

Life is tough but then you have to be tougher. A banker by profession her days are long too. How she wished to be with him and hold his hand and talk to him again just like old times.

But times change and the situation demands to make him self sustainable again. With his own grit and determination without any one’s support. He can do it once he decides.

“The cycle of karma has to be accepted and you are meant for something else my love. Search for new goal and keep your eyes onto it. Just like Arjun.” She gave a peck and ruffled his hair before bidding him good night.

The next day came up as usual. And the same silence prevailed around the house. She saw him sitting in his room. As she left for work, she said goodbye to him and smiled at him. From the parking, she looked up as usual and saw him. After months, he had come to the balcony to wave goodbye to her! Oh it was a good omen!

She was in high spirits

She smiled the whole day and decided to head home early. That goodbye needed to be celebrated. She picked up his favourite pineapple cake just in case…

As she entered the house, she saw some movement and hustle-bustle. His old friends were there and he was holding an archery bow, discussing archery with an instructor.

“Oh! After months he is talking happily. He had his friends over and he is so happy…” she smiled to herself.

I am your Arjun now

He turned to her with a smile on his face and determination in his eyes, said: “Ma, I resolve to become your Arjun now.”

She had a flashback in front of her eyes. That fateful accident where her son lost his legs and his dream of becoming an international boxing champion. He was confined to a wheelchair but now the boxer was back with grit.

She had tears in her eyes, a smile on her lips and prayer in the heart. The cycle of karma turned full circle as she looked upon the frame of medals of her late Archer Husband.

A version of this was first published here.

Picture credits: Unsplash

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