10 Foolproof Ways To Ace Being A Mom With A Child In Action This Exam Season!

The board exams are almost upon us! Parents and children everywhere are worried. And for such times, here are 10 ways to stay cool during the boards season!

The board exams are almost upon us! Parents and children everywhere are worried. And for such times, here are 10 ways to stay cool during the boards season!

The most awaited time of my parenting life is here! Both my boys are appearing in board exam this year. One is class 12th and the other one in 10th. Phew!

The usual “boards ki padhayi” is going on with extra hours in coaching as well as few late-night hours too. Despite all this, we somehow managed to keep the pressure at bay. Our mom-sons trio is chilled out and sometimes even having a share of  Amazon Prime.

The anxiety or pressure of parenting especially related to child’s studies is due to the fear of the unknown. And of course, due to a simple fact that we come into the zone of ‘we know it all!’

When do we stop learning?

Remember the days when your tiny one was born, you were learning new parenting tips, enjoying rearing and nurturing him during the tiring days? You were happy and looking forward to new things, the key was learning. The child and the parents are learners all along.

As the years go by, we, rather than being on the same path together, somehow lose focus. The child is enjoying the learning process but we as parents start focusing on the destination.

Every liking of theirs is weighed upon on the scale of market value. And slowly all the hobbies and inquisitiveness take a backseat and the traditional way of learning and the subjects come into the fray. Learning is done to score good marks in every class. Thus starts the vicious cycle of expectations and remorse. The exam times are always difficult months for both parents as well as the children.

Over the years haven’t we realised that the pressure we got from our parents never did any good to us? Isn’t it high time to create an environment where the child is learning and enjoying instead of being under pressure of grades and achievements?

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I believe it is our responsibility to create such an environment. And thus, here are ten pointers to stay cool during the boards that I vouch for.

Time Management

Prepare the course beforehand. Look into the course and prepare accordingly. This comes handy, as by the time exams are near, we are already over with two rounds of revision.

DO NOT talk only of studying

It’s important to have a normal conversation around movies, games, hobbies, food or anything that is interesting to them. Exam time doesn’t mean that only course is to be discussed!

‘We’ time is important

I personally love this quality time which we spent just lazing around cuddling and laughing. (Yeah even the teens need lots of cuddles!)

Nutrition is the key

It is always important. Especially during the exams, we need to focus on a homemade nutritious meal. Keep the kids well hydrated along with small in between meals.

Some exercise helps too

I choose yoga and a bit of meditation, not just for myself but for my sons too. The evening walk in the park gives us an opportunity to plan and discuss or sometimes just listen to our favourite music. Not to forget the hormones that are released during exercise calms our mind.

Boost their morales!

Morale boosting is extremely important. Every child has some or other weak point. Keep their morale high when discussing that subject.

Your grades are not YOU

Even after all the hard work, something might still go wrong. Make them aware that they are not what their grades are. Grades are not the only criteria of their knowledge.

Always there for you

‘I am there with you while you prepare’. Or ‘I am there with you when your results are out’. ‘I’ll always be there for you no matter what the results are.’ Conversations like these helped my boys be stress-free.

No exam is your last

Yes, it might sound being too lenient, but I take it as life mantra too. No hurdle is invincible. Neither is any exam a last chance at life.

Although the boards are a milestone of academics years they are not the end of it. It is a beginning.

Why not make it a happy one?

Let them be prepared.

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