Is The World Ready For The #SilentMeToo?

Does only sexual abuse scar the soul? What about these where women are suffering since ages and take it as a way of life?

Me too! A complete expression.

It has gained a different meaning altogether since the last few months. Many women across the globe came forward with the stories of molestation, both sexually and emotionally. So many stories came in light involving men with a respectable social life. Many have lost their stature in work.

Few people also made fun of the women who came forward after years saying that they are digging graves. Although they neglected the years of regret, guilt, sadness, anger in those hearts! There were discussions of the #metoo movement losing sheen as many will try to equate their pastor will be used to take revenge.

This is a topic of endless discussion as there will always be cases which will show the story another way around but that definitely doesn’t mean that the underbelly of “me too” doesn’t exist. Although I have an altogether different thought in mind. I am thinking of those faces who are waiting to say #metoo hiding behind the perfect family and contented smile.

Every face which keeps a mask of contentment, covering the scars of the heart. The emotional scars which are not visible and can’t be shown. Which are changing into an open wound whenever a NO in the bed is dealt with
” You are ice-cold”!
“Are you even a woman”?
“You are having an affair, isn’t it”?
“My life is ruined with a woman like you”!
Every such sentence creates a deeper wound which is covered by the beautiful smile next morning, brewing the perfect cup of tea!

There are physical scars which many women deal with just because they responded to something they believed in. They gave a reaction to anger in yet other angry tones. They were unable to complete some chores which are assigned to them without an appointment letter or job profile. Changing on a daily basis with ever-increasing demand and no training, she might somehow be lacking in some of them and yeah the slap has a silent echo in her mind and heart for long. So long that her inner core gets scared of putting her thoughts on any platform lest she might face the physical scar again which she would cover up with an incident of “slipped in the bathroom” OR ” tumbled on stairs…You know clumsy me!”.

All the mental agony which she goes through when reminded of her shortcomings and not fulfilling her womanly duties if she chooses to balance work and home. Every reminder of her worthlessness if she chooses to be at home taking care of the house you proudly say Mine. The matter of choice is not her choice and she has to deal with the prejudices and judgemental verdicts just because she chose something for her own self!

Does only sexual abuse scar the soul? What about these where women are suffering since ages and take it as a way of life and no one to change. Don’t we need a revolution of this silent invisible suffering too? But I guess the world is not ready for this #silentmetoo as this will open can of worms and show how deep these scars are and no soul is without these!

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