A Lone Cup Of Coffee… Are These Signs You Should Read?

Isn't it a collective failure of all of us who are comprising this society that we couldn't create a biosphere where everyone has at least one person with whom he can share his heart out?

A lot has happened since the coffee sneaked into our lives with the warmth of talks with friends and sharing life with the sip. The world is ever-changing and we do not and cannot afford to be lagging behind and hence incidents, accidents happen but the world stage never loses its sheen… As they say, the show must go on…

But as I sat with my evening cuppa I am having an ache somewhere deep inside not for the person who introduced us to the …”A lot can happen over coffee” concept but for the heart who couldn’t share that cup with anyone.
Society has changed, so have people’s mindset and expectations from life. We all are running for the success which is defined by the parameters of materialistic achievements. Yes, there are people who choose to live by their own terms and seek the path less travelled and are called – Entrepreneurs.

They choose to do what they like.

Be your own boss.

Instead of working in jobs, create jobs and so on so forth.

But then comes success which inspires more success and more success asks for more hard work, and more hard work gives us more challenges and less time. We start getting into the life cycle of more which ultimately succumbs to its own demand of more.

Isn’t it surprising that a man who was successfully running entrepreneurship is so lonely, defeated and hopeless that he decided to end his life? How come we became so insensitive and self-obsessed that we started ignoring the visible signs of our near and dear ones in need of help, even if they do not ask?

Mental trauma and depression is becoming an evident reality and is soon gathering a shape of modern age monster who is using his black magic to make our world more scary, more lonely and more unrealistic?

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The profiles of social media show everyone’s life with a tinted rosy picture. The career is all about awards and Monday motivations. Relationships are setting new goals every day. Families are hanging out together.
People are all well dressed. No fine lines on faces,  no mention of age or its effect. Everyone is healthy and if not struggling bravely. But for once look around and watch closely and find the chipping piece of this facade face.

There might be a frustration of an unaccomplished life. Failing a career or business. Maybe the relations have turned sour and there might be a chance of person facing insecurities to being overweight or getting bald soon. We will look old with ageing fine lines and it will show with every passing year, which is very normal but alas now this is not as normally accepted or talked about.

Every day we are under the pressure of being positive and do good, and life will be good. There might be a time when the person is laughing instead of crying his heart out. There may be days when the person is under depression and showing minute signs but we are focusing on Monday motivation and weekend stories and forget to listen to his real story.
This might have happened to him too. Isn’t it a collective failure of all of us who are comprising this society that we couldn’t create a biosphere where everyone has at least one person with whom he can share his heart out?

It is a scary situation that we as a society are not ready to accept anything less than good, perfect lives with happy endings. We need a result of success in every effort which is unrealistic.

Isn’t it important to take account of failure and accept it before it becomes a failure of life?

Isn’t it important to give lending ears to the ones who are not speaking n sharing?

Isn’t our individual ethics too that we give company to those who are sipping that lone cup of coffee.

Look around and share- A lot can happen over a cup of coffee.


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