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4 Insights From My Journey On The Emotional Roller Coaster Of Entrepreneurship

Being an entrepreneur is not just about "being your own boss" - it's an emotional roller coaster, to ride which you need vision, courage and persistence. Read on!

Being an entrepreneur is not just about “being your own boss” – it’s an emotional roller coaster, to ride which you need vision, courage and persistence. Read on!

We thrive on dreams.

We all want to make it big and be successful and in this pursuit, we all work hard to reach our dreams. 

Some reach the top of the pyramid, a few the middle and all of us take different routes as well.

The traditional route is shunned by a few and those few make it to the ever-increasing sect of the passion-driven, insanely in love with their idea, and stubborn people who want to bring change to the world with their humble efforts.

Yeah, that’s a fancy way of saying that one wants to be an entrepreneur! 

Entrepreneurs and Social Entrepreneurs are slowly and steadily changing the world and taking their ideas to a bigger level. Women too are taking the plunge but women in India constitute only 13.76% of the total number of entrepreneurs, i.e., 8.05 million out of the 58.5 million entrepreneurs, according to the sixth Economic Census.

That’s a reasonable start and of course, My work-My way-My time is the perception attached to the journey of entrepreneurship.

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But wait before you believe this rosy picture.

Entrepreneurship is not just “Be Your Own Boss” – it also means “Be your handyman, office assistant, graphic designer, social media expert and manager with smile intact!”

It is not always, “We are proud of you and you will surely achieve what you aim for” but more often it is, “Why the hell do you want to leave everything and start this?”

“What you will get out of this work?”

“What’s your business model? If it’s not clear don’t be insane to leave a plush job.”

“Oh, her husband is earning so she can afford to be that entrepreneur types!”

“Good you are not thinking of retiring and not interested in kitty party, but wait for your kids to grow up and then you might fulfil your fancy of entrepreneurship”

and so on so forth go the statements one gets to hear. Somehow, being a woman entrepreneur is more difficult just as being in any job poses more challenges to women rather than men.

She is considered to be more at home and working just “for passion”, so it os implied that she should pay more attention to her home rather than her “fancy idea”.

Her “meetings” are often at cafes in the absence of an office (every entrepreneur dreams of it but it may be long way away), so it is considered to be more of an outing rather than an official meeting.

She is more visible on social media as she needs to showcase her work and is termed as a “Media queen”, with people not realising that she is her own PR too!

Sounds a little less rosy, doesn’t it?

How to deal with the emotional roller coaster as an entrepreneur

I am sharing here a few insights I have gathered till now on my journey.

Follow Arjun: No, not Arjun Kapoor or Arjun Rampal, but our own handsome hunk warrior of the Mahabharata, Arjun who couldn’t see anything apart from the eye of the fish! Yes, folklore says young Arjun could not see anything except for the eye of the fish which he had as a target. That’s what we need to do. Set a goal for your self and keep working towards it. It is your dream which you live with every passing moment so do not deviate according to whatever noise you hear – convert it into a cheer and steer ahead.

Do not compare: Your journey is your own. It’s a race track where a few are running a relay whereas some are running sprint and a few will take a bow and leave the track after the first few lapses. The fun part is that no one know who’s running what, so pay attention to your track and do not compare your track event with others!

Clarity of Reason and Vision: The startup has a vision but the reason behind it is the driving force. Do not shy away if you want it to earn big money – it’s not always a change we are looking to make. Howsoever offbeat your idea may sound, if you have conviction, stick to your faith and work around it. Your vision is clear and if the reason gives you the energy to get up every single day and work than your idea is great.

Never Give Up: This is the core mantra. Giving up ever is never an option. The world is already considering you a part-time worker; giving up all will make them a winner in this eternal invisible battle against us. 

So you can stumble.

You can fall.

You can slow down but never can give up.

Amongst the bricks and bones thrown by people, 

Near, close and far, 

Without blinking an eyelid…

She keeps her eyes on her goals afar. 

Amidst all this, the queen adjusts her crown 

Every time she stumbles and keeps

Her head high…eyeing the stars.

Image via Pexels

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