My Interpretation Of The Feminist Devis Of Indian Mythology

We the women do not intend to ask for equality, but just a subtle change in your mindset to accept these age-old traits in us!!

Since childhood, I am smitten by the reading bug and I love to explore the history and mythology and yes, to interpret my own version and learnings out of the popular stories too. Nowadays, when I am much into reading and writing both, somehow the term feminism just got stuck to me. Whether I am a feminist or not is still debatable, but yes I do believe in woman power, her strength, her grit and her resolve to achieve what she wants.

So here is my compilation.

Statutory Warning:

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  • Those men and women who think feminism is derogatory please DO NOT READ.
  • Those who want to see Devi within temples, Please DO NOT READ

First and foremost my favourite

Born out of Fire…Draupadi

The most beautiful, strong and first feminist, if I dare to say so. I was and still am in awe of the strong character of Draupadi.

She was so virtuous that no one was considered to be worthy enough than Krishna himself! She is a woman who showed the most important trait. A man and a woman can be friends. The can be best of friends sharing and relying on each other throughout life leading their individual lives.

The other important lesson which society should learn and remember is- Do not disrespect a woman, you might win a bet but will lose a battle for sure!

The Forgotten Princess…Sita

I personally do not appreciate the portrayal of this brave princess in our popular epic. Ah! The new age writer did justice to the character rather than Tulsidas who somehow deviated from “Valmiki Ramayana”

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Although some version does represent her in a stronger form with a mind of her own yet in all her distress, she showed us what women across the globe are striving to achieve.

Being a successful single mother!

Saraswati- Goddess of knowledge

No controversies on to this but the choice of Mechanical or Automobile Engineering or Astronomy by females, still raise eyebrows! Why, if I may ask so?? Wisdom, knowledge, and subject are not gender specific.

Laxmi- Ahh! Everyone’s favourite! 

Everyone loves her irrespective of the gender. But “sharemarket, policies, investment these are not YOUR forte”…we get to hear this all the time!! Please, I may not show interest but I do understand Laxmi.

Parvati – the princess who followed her heart

She bought the passionate lover out of Adi Yogi and made a home in Kailash. The first family among Gods she taught us that, it is absolutely OK to follow your dream, thoughts, and relationships and marriage is not meant to change your identity.

She gave the term “Better Half”, an altogether new meaning and set an extremely high standard for us to find our man! The rebellion princess, and how we love her!

Durga- The Fighter

When no one is there to help you and your family, learn to give a fight. Learn to believe in your self and the shakti within you. Be a learner and take virtues from all and be virtuous. Self-defence classes need to be mandatory!

You are relating yourself with all..isn’t it?

It is a right time to explain to society and its people that any women showing these traits are not basking in the glory of feminism but just reflecting the genetic traits passed since ages to us from these mighty goddesses.

We the women do not intend to ask for equality, but just a subtle change in your mindset to accept these age-old traits in us!!

PS: This is my own version of learning and teaching of much loved respected and admired forms of “Ma” and I intend not to hurt anyone’s feeling.

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