The Curious Question Of Smriti Irani’s ‘Mathe Ki Bindia’ – It Happens Only India

The recent jibe of a seasoned politician Jaideep Kawde on another seasoned politician Smriti Zubin Irani about how the size of her bindi has been changing with every change of her husband, is not to be tolerated!


The recent jibe of a seasoned politician Jaideep Kawde on another seasoned politician Smriti Zubin Irani about how the size of her bindi has been changing with every change of her husband, is not to be tolerated!

Now that’s a sexist jibe which was not given much attention. The ignorance could be because of a few reasons:

We accept the rotten mindset of men, especially in politics

These are the men for whom only women of their own family are to be treated with the respect. That too, only in public, lest the patriarchy visible in their words proves they don’t have balls to accept strong women leave alone women doing better than them!

When nothing comes handy and they know that the logic and strategies of work are not their cup of tea to defeat her, they choose to stoop low to cast slurs on her character.

The right to make random comments about a woman

We feel that everyone has a right to give these kinds of comments specifically pertaining to a woman. A country even with an ever-increasing population of educated women is not aghast by these, as it at least less than eve teasing and groping!

Scores of women face sexist jibes in offices and work on a daily basis. The looks penetrating through the neckline making us uncomfortable is something which we teach our daughters to handle as soon as she enters her adolescence. So these are harmless as only words have been used!

Society seems to have the right to know all

Women you need to show the proofs of your being married. Kindly understand this is not applicable to men. They are not into any symbolism, but women are expected to flaunt the marriage symbols to state the fact that they are now not available, and of course they are happy.

So the pinch of “sindoor” is more important than the reason behind your sudden black blue mark on the forehead. The “mangalsutra” is sacred and is absolutely proportionate to the depth of the love you share, and yes your Indian-ness is questionable if you chose to use these as mere ornaments and wear according to mood!

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The ‘normalisation’ of sexism

The getaway after this sexist jibe is more worrisome as it shows that it is getting into OK zone when someone is demeaning women and getting personal. Soon the celebration of religious days will start which will celebrate and worship nine forms of Devi but when it comes to basic respect and etiquette towards women we as a society are nothing but failure.

Cruel acts of molestation are being discussed on the parameter of how much suffering the victim has gone through. The emotional trauma and the feel of disgust is something which is totally ignored. Why we have so much apathy is a question which has now lost relevance.

The more relevant question here is, are women ready to let go of this?

Whether we accept it or not, the society is trying mighty hard to put women back into the periphery of the house and by all means, and make the roles of homemaker so glorified that they never ever think of stepping out.

With all due respect to my mom’s role of homemaker, to every single woman out there who strives hard to be the best provider to the family, and to those who are struggling hard to strike a balance between career and womanhood, I raise the point that we are here to stay to handle every sexist jibe of yours. We are not gonna buckle down, we are not gonna change we are not gonna run for shelter.

We won’t explain the off shoulder, crop tops, shorts and tees and the urge to flaunt six yards according to our choice.

We won’t take permission to choose a late night job. It is our country and we demand the equal ease of work time without a sprinkle of your sexist jibes.

We won’t explain the relationship status by your chosen symbols. You can see it in my freedom of life.

We refuse to follow the norms which are just meant to keep a tab on us. We expect and demand equal treatment and beware of the reaction of your every action.

We will change bindi according to our will and if needed husband too!

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