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The identity of a person being a man/woman/any other, being a success/failure is a caricature drawn by the society to restrict the wide variety of colours from being splashed on the limitless canvas of life...

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Why Does My MIL Treat My Co-Sister So Much Better Than Me?!

If in-laws treat their daughters in law differently, it can certainly lead to a very traumatic and sticky situation in the family.

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When She Held Her Newborn Baby, She Realised That Her Family Was Gifted

As she lifted the baby, the enormous outbursts of emotions, couldn't be contained as tears rolled down, the joy of being a parent was too profound!

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Why Do Most Indian Women Love Their Sons More Than Their Daughters?

It is no secret that most Indian women would love a son more than they would a daughter. Why are sons loved and treasured by their mothers?

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How To Be Positive And Sane During The Forced House Arrest Of Lockdown

The recurring lockdowns have taken a toll on the physical and emotional health of many of us! But there are a few good things that we can learn from the social- distancing and other restrictions imposed.

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A Page From The Diary Of An Over-Worked School Teacher During Lockdown Times!

As a teacher, I am getting used to hearing groans from my family members whose complaints have gone up due to my 'virtual' presence and 'actual' absence!

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She Was Haunted By Traumas Of The Past But Finally She Said Yes To New Beginnings

Tina was haunted by the traumas of her past but doesn't she also had a right to give her life another chance?

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Is There A Need For A Special Day To Express Your Love?

Is there a need for a special day to express your love and support your loved ones? Why can't we do it every day?

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When It Should Have Been My Decision To Be A Mom Or Not To Be… Not Of My In Laws

"My parents have only me as their son. Isn't it my responsibility to take care of their needs and wishes at this age? The topic of adoption would devastate them."

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How Traumatic For A Child To Witness Constant Quarrels Between Parents!

From blaming herself to finding reasons for their behaviour, she had analysed everything and came to the conclusion that there was no compatibility between her parents.

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The Mid – Thirties!

A poem reflecting the essence of reaching Mid thirties and evaluating life. Looking at lessons learned and opening up to new possibilities.

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A life, So Short…

She woke up gasping for breath but life as she knew had drasticallly changed for her.

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An Open Letter To Every MIL Who Made Her DIL Feel Incompetent, Wrong And Basically Unloved

The mere though that I am now your daughter is disturbing. I say this considering any mom could create a fuss and ruin the whole weekend for her child!

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‘Is My Marriage Worth It If It Puts So Much Pressure On My Mental And Emotional Health?’

She can't be so weak now, she has the moral responsibility of showing her daughter to be strong, to stand up for what she wants and she won't let her down!

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Baton Of Duty…

Poem is based on the marriage between a woman and a man who is a soldier and got injured in the war so the wife after marriage has taken the baton and become a soldier.

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Being A Stay-At-Home-Dad Does NOT Make Me A Hen-Pecked Husband; Just Gives Me More Time With My Child!

Everyone blamed me and told me to find another job soon as the baby was coming. And having a father who didn't earn for his family was unacceptable!

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A Call To Answer Or Ignore!?

This tragedy has acheived one thing, it has made humans humble, shown them their true place in the world ie they will always be at the mercy of the mother nature

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All Her Married Life, Society Had Shackled My MIL’s Mind And She Kept Trying To Do The Same To Me

The mere sight of my husband would scare me to the core. A few more episodes followed and my MIL's quiet continued. But I always justified it to myself.

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How Differences Break Barriers: A Short Story

When we are on the path to carving our own paths and achieiving our dreams, the love and unwavering support from close ones can make a big difference.

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A mother's feelings for her child... so pure, so precious!

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