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Posted: March 13, 2020

At the peak of unbearable pain
You came to me with cries
That forever ring in my ears
Making it the sweetest sound ever .
The touch of love experienced
When your tender little body held so close
The gentleness, the warmth, the ecstasy
Of bringing a life into this world.
Can there be a feeling ever so wonderful!

Raising you be a good person
In a world of hatred and sorrows,
O my child, is a challenge
Untold, unforeseen by anyone.
Praying to have arms big enough
To protect and provide for you
Having the best for you
Yet making you know the worst,
To appreciate life and be grateful
To love and spread cheer
To be kind and thoughtful
Yet live with dignity
Are some of the virtues to strive for.

The crescendo of difficulties
Is on the rise
Nevertheless to ameliorate
Is my aim
Can there be a better way
To parent you…?
Plethora of thoughts storm my mind.
How precious are you in my life
Can’t be described in words
But felt by the heart that misses a beat
Whenever you are not around,
For having you has given me
A new meaning in life
To be a better person
And set moral that is exemplary!

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