A life, So Short…

She woke up gasping for breath but life as she knew had drasticallly changed for her.

She woke up gasping for breath but life as she knew had drastically changed for her.

With a throbbing pain in her head, she woke up to find many tubes and equipment near her. She could not remember how she reached there. A nurse came to her and asked her to relax and helped her sit with pillows to support her back and neck. The nurse seemed kind and asked her name. That is when she realised, she could not remember her name. She frowned at the nurse and the pain in her head grew worse. The beeping and the noises around made her sick and she just slept.

When she woke up again, she could see many faces in the room. Slowly, she tried to remember them but could not. A small boy came near her, smiling and held her hand. She felt a warmth in his touch and held on to the hand. A lady, who was full of tears, came near her and wept. A man behind her trying to console her was also crying. Then there were others…two men, who had similar features, one young and one older stood there looking at her sad and shocked. There was too much to take in and she again fell asleep.

The flight to Mumbai, the shopping and arrangements, cousin’s wedding, the party that followed it, the sudden trip to Pune and then the truck! She woke up gasping for breath! She remembered now. The headache, the nausea and the pain all over her body were unbearable. The nurse came again followed by a doctor. She asked them, ‘ Where is Aditya?’ They did not reply. She was louder now, then came another doctor, smiling and trying to be nice, ‘ Ramya, how are you feeling today? We will get a few tests done and then you can meet Aditya.’ This statement  calmed her and she agreed with the doctors. She vaguely remembered seeing her son, parents and her brothers.

Meanwhile outside the ICU, there were a few relatives arguing about something. They were Aditya’s family and Ramya’ s family. They were arguing about the custody of Pranav, the 4- year old son of Ramya and Aditya. Pranav was lying in the arms of his ‘chachu’, unable to understand whatever was going around him. His parents had left him with his grandparents and other relatives to attend some ‘office work’ that his ‘ daddy’ had. But they met with an accident. He was not allowed to see his father but was asked to burn something that people said was his father’s body. His ‘chachu’ said, his father was called by God too soon. His ‘mumma’ had been sleeping in the hospital for many days. Last time she woke up, she did not say anything to him. Everyone said, she is not well. He was praying every day to God to return his daddy and let his mumma wake up and let them go back to their home in the US.

‘I should tell Aditya that I am happy being a housewife for now as I want to have a second baby soon and then I will think about my career. Oh, I have been so irritable with all the nosy relatives around. I should say sorry to him.’ Now that she saw his work from home in the one and half month vacation they were in India, she could see the stress and tension he had. Even though he never brought his work- related issues home, he was unavailable for many occasions due to his deadlines and meetings which was often a cause of rift between them.’ I should be more patient with him. He definitely needs all the support and understanding from me. Some days can be tough for both of us, but I will try to control my temper and do more yoga, as advised by him. After all, we are a team for life!’

With all these thoughts, Ramya dozed off to sleep…

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