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How Differences Break Barriers: A Short Story

Posted: April 25, 2020

When we are on the path to carving our own paths and achieiving our dreams, the love and unwavering support from close ones can make a big difference.

It had been a long day and she had just boarded the plane. She looked outside the window and could not believe her eyes. The reality finally dawned on her. She was going to be the first in her family to be going so far to pursue her dreams..

The third in a family of five kids, Sampriti was different from her siblings and girls her age in the small town near Nagercoil in Tamil Nadu.

”Sampriti is very good in studies. Allow her to go to college, Akka (or sister),” said the class teacher to her Amma.

But Amma could only nod her head as the elders in the family had different plans for her daughter. The search had already begun for a well educated groom from a well settled, cultured family.


The day came when the prospective groom and his family visited the girl’s family. Sharath and Sampriti were allowed a few minutes to talk without any family member around. Sampriti gathered all the courage and told him about her dreams to pursue higher studies with the secret aim to discombobulate and scare him away.

On the contrary, Sharath fell in love with this girl’s simplicity and naivety but something that drew him towards her was her ambition to break the stereotypical culture of her family where girls are confined to their homes.

The start of the journey

The wedding day came with all the festivities. The decorated car carried the bride and the groom who seemed to be in a rush. They were heading towards the Trivandrum International airport. Taking the luggage out for Sampriti, Sharath looked at his wife with pride. Sampriti tried hard to stop her tears while waving bye to her loving and supportive husband.

Breaking the usual norms, Sharath had taken the big step in convincing both the families to allow Sampriti to fulfill her dreams. He had full faith in Sampriti and had made her dreams his own, despite many opposing views that he got from everywhere.

Sighing, Sampriti turned to look at her husband’s photo on her phone, with her heart filled with love and gratitude.

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