A woman of today ,I love to travel and live life simple and happy. Writing for me is an outlet to my emotions, which I can visit again and again. And yes learnt the hard way ,that while quoting someone or somebody,learn to quote and unquote them.

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What’s Wrong If A President’s Wife Snubs Him In Public?

When Melania Trump batted away her husband's hand in public, she triggered off this amusing debate between friends on equality in love and snubbing. Read on!

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In Defence Of The Humble But Worthy Golgappas

Golgappas. Panipuri. Puchkas. Call it by any name, this humble streetside snack has its fans who swear by the burst of flavours and textures it offers.

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Here’s Why We Need To Stop Buying Our Sanitary Pads In Hush-Hush Black Bags

Why do we have to wrap our sanitary pads under the layers of paper and black polythene, as if we are buying some banned item or health hazardous product?

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Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, But Alas! Nothing Much Learnt!

As long as mothers in law fall back on traditional Saasu maa behaviour, the Bahu Ranis will not have any respite from the tug of war!

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Fairy Tales With Damsels In Distress. Are They Still Relevant, Or Do They Need To Be Retold?

"Do ladies actually want a tall, dark and handsome prince charming to save them? Not anymore." A look at how fairy tales need to be re-told.

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The Peculiar Case Of A New Age Supermom A.K.A. The Jugaadu Mom

Here's a funny take on the 'Jugaadu Mom' - the new age supermom who manages to tick off all the boxes, stripping their kids of a childhood they deserve.

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The Case Of Judgemental And Controlling In Laws Who Come To Visit And Stay For Too Long

A candid account of a daughter in law's woes when her judgemental and controlling in laws make long visits, caging her and curtailing her freedom to live.

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The Great Indian Wedding Tamasha

So what makes a wedding memorable? A tongue-in-cheek look at the Indian Wedding, a.k.a. the Great Indian Wedding Tamasha!

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Army Dads: Your Very Own Hero At Home #FathersDaySpecial

What it feels like to be a kid of an army man? What sacrifices do army fathers and their families make. Discover it here. 

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A Wife Is Expected To Befriend Her Husband’s Friends. How Often Do Husbands Return The Favour?

Friends are important for us women - our women friends are those we go to in times of need. So, do not let go of them, even if family dictates that you do so!

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The Indian Daughter-in-law Is Not A Robot But A Flesh And Blood Human Being

It is tough being an Indian daughter-in-law. Can we so-called 'cultured' people accept her as an individual and spare a thought for her comfort?  

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Ageing Gracefully With Silver Stars On My Head

​Ageing gracefully is all about maturity - we need to accept that women have grey hair and wrinkles which are actually signs of a life well lived.

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What About India’s Daughters-In-Law? [Short Story]

She came to her new home full of hope, wanting to be accepted as a daughter, but she was never was. Why are India's daughters-in-law treated like this? 

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Funny And Quaint Things We Do When We Have Blind Faith

Do you say 'fingers crossed' when you are wishing hard for something? That is the power of faith, one that can lead to quaint beliefs and much entertainment!

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Some Bizarre And Often Beautiful Wedding Rituals Across Cultures

Wedding rituals can be very specific to cultures, often depending upon the social history and geography. They can often create wonderful memories.

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Her Zest For Life Taught Me Living Life

The story of a grandmother, a wonderful and strong woman who taught her granddaughter a few things about living life.

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The Stereotyping Begins When The Doctor Says, “It’s A Girl!”

When will we wake up to an equal place for women in society? Why is it that, a woman has to fight to survive and thrive, to lead a life on her own terms? 

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A Losing Battle Against The Bulge

Exercise and diet is the mantra for a fit, lean body. But what happens when our writer here tries her hand at these? A hilarious account of a vicious circle.

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The Fine Art Of Conversation That Is Vital To Making Friends And Influencing People

The art of conversation is getting right the balance of what to talk or not to talk. So what are the dos and don'ts of it?

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Struck By The ‘Leaving The Nest Syndrome’ As I Grow Older And Wiser

As children, we might be oblivious to the 'empty nest syndrome' that affects our parents. Some of us, though, might get the 'leave the nest syndrome'.

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The Search For The Perrrrrfect Sanskari Bahu

Matrimonial ads for brides read more like ads for a domestic worker who is also the 'fair and homely' perfect daughter in law. Stop, already!

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How The Lines Between Religions Get Blurred In The Indian Army, United In Their Service To The Nation

In the Indian army all religions follow just one faith - 'service to the nation'. A thoughtful article by an army daughter who is now an army wife.

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Make Road Trips Fun With The Art And Witty Words On India’s Trucks

Long road trips on our national highways can be fun if we look at the various trucks with the vivid truck art on them, and the fun slogans!

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What Is It About Tea That Is So Wonderful?

The cup that cheers - the humble tea, has many followers. What is it about this chai that is so wonderful? Read on to find out.

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