A Losing Battle Against The Bulge

Exercise and diet is the mantra for a fit, lean body. But what happens when our writer here tries her hand at these? A hilarious account of a vicious circle.

Exercise and diet is the mantra for a fit, lean body. But what happens when our writer here tries her hand at these? A hilarious account of a vicious circle.

Everyone wants to look fit and fabulous. Being healthy is the key ingredient of happy living today. But not everyone can afford to look lean and lovely without sweating and exercising. Gyms and walking plazas have become an integral part of our lifestyles. Lucky are those who manage to look slim and shapely, though the top priority should always be to have a healthy body and mind rather than reducing weight.

But, don’t we all desire that perfect figure, especially when one goes out of shape and everyone starts giving you that strange and shocked look and saying, “Oh my God! What have you done to yourself?”

Well, I do not know what has happened but I have realized that my comfort zone in clothes has suddenly become maternity clothes or plus size clothes. Clothes which I once considered over-sized were now the only ones that I could breathe easy in. I felt like an inflated balloon in fitted clothes.

Not only clothes but my jewelry was also not ready to accept this new form of mine. The old gold bangles were struggling hard to get onto my hands despite many failed attempts with oil and soap solution. My neck piece was looking like a noose tied around my neck and started hurting me – I almost choked myself in disbelief and shock.

The weight of my body had starting weighing on me. “Am I really fat?” I wondered, and decided to go in for a weight check. Yes, I had put on quite a lot, or should I say stuffed loads of fat on my body.

Well, we ladies know it so well! What can be gained in a weekend may take never ending weekdays to reduce.

I still decided to jump into the regimen of daily running for an hour to achieve the set target along with maintaining a notebook of daily workouts and diet intake.

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Browsing the web for diet plans and new exercises became a daily routine and along with it munching and sipping hot cups of tea or coffee became a habit. Soon I realized, I had hardly reduced but gained some more.

Next morning I decided to hit the gym after jogging but without even realizing it, I had wasted an hour talking with my neighbour. I rushed back home and concentrated on my diet-breakfast: oat meal and green tea without sugar. It tasted awful. I realised there is no life without having sugar and spice in your life. So I added some sugar to my tea and sipped it.

Now it was time for power yoga classes and like a child I was eager to join these classes as I had purchased a new mat and track pants for the purpose. At the yoga session, after warm up and few stretching up exercises, the moment the instructor made me try certain postures a sudden jerk in the back made me sweat and I almost fainted.

I was sent back home like an ill child sitting in the school infirmary gets a half-day off. As soon as I made myself comfortable on my bed I informed my maid to give me light meals only, as now I had to excuse myself from physical activities for sometime.

Later, I asked her to make a big bowl of salad for me with croutons and grated cheese in it with topping of roasted almonds and cashew nuts on it, as my body needed to recuperate and gain strength for strenuous workouts and building my back muscles. There went my plan to exercise.

Ah, there is no gain without pain. Even if the gain was supposed to be of a fitter me.

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