What’s Wrong If A President’s Wife Snubs Him In Public?

When Melania Trump batted away her husband's hand in public, she triggered off this amusing debate between friends on equality in love and snubbing. Read on!

When Melania Trump batted away her husband’s hand in public, she triggered off this amusing debate between friends on equality in love and snubbing. Read on!

Oh God! She snubbed her husband in the full public view, said my friend.

What’s wrong in that, said I. If PDA (Public Display of Affection) is accepted globally, including in India, then what’s wrong in snubbing your husband publicly?

What if it was the other way round, if the husband had snubbed the wife? I am sure many would have been satisfied with their patriarchal views, where the wife is expected to play a more sober and mellow part. Even if it is scolding , insulting or ignoring your wife in public places, why is a lady always expected to act sensibly and manage her temper and tolerate the tantrums of her spouse?

I am sure if Mr. Manly had snubbed the lady , everyone would have applauded the lady, for her tolerance and wifely virtues. Though people in coveted positions are always expected to behave in a dignified manner,  at the end of the day, we all are human.

Further on, my friend was still not convinced with my view point; she appeared to be more perturbed for the man, his stature, his position, as his wife had now made him the butt of ridicule for many.

“Behind every successful man there is a woman,” said my friend,

I further confronted her with a twist in the tale, and educated her with my new version of the phrase, that “behind every successful man, there is a woman, but she is still behind”. In today’s day and age its is about equality, moving together shoulder to shoulder with your equal halves. So it’s better to give it back in equal proportions.

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However, my dear friend was still sorry for the man in question; she could not digest the fact that his wife had actually snubbed him. She believed in equality of the sexes, but could not get along with the fact that the ‘poor man’ was publicly humiliated, on international cameras.

So to convince my dear friend for one last time, I carried on with my gyan (knowledge). Dear friend, said I , “No matter how nice or caring your husband is, imitation is not the best form of flattery always, especially if it is pertaining to your wife. No wife would like her husband to ignore her and then get back to you on seeing other lovey-dovey couples, and start imitation or aping them. I guess such a husband needs to be snubbed only!”

So I showed her the complete video of the half baked clipping doing the rounds. Now my dear friend totally agrees with me  – after all, she is also a wife. And so she has achieved her enlightenment for the day on the current happenings in the world and how to inculcate and take lessons from them on the desi front.

Well ladies, one thing for sure has gone in our favour with this snubbing saga – that if a wife of a President can do so, so can we.

Well jokes apart, men or women , this should be applicable for both – snubbing or a show of superiority on the part of one to put down the other, will only put both down, making them the laughing stock of the town. On the other hand, remember , always pay the dues back, give it back, it is not about give and take, but rather carrying equal status, whether in love or snubbing. I hope the wives are listening.

(Disclaimer: Views expressed here are purely personal in demand of the piping hot discussion on snubbing!)

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