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Present - North India Lead - Education, Charter for Compassion, Co-Author - Escape Velocity, Writer & Social Activist. Past - DU, Harvard, Telecoms-India and abroad

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A Review Of Social Media In Vaikunth!

LM is enjoying this new exposure, and DM has already made his verdict - Social media will be the harbinger of Pralaya for the lesser mortals!

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Meet 4 Gutsy Girls From An Underprivileged Background Who Inspire By Being Unstoppable!

What would the life of the daughters or sisters, or any other girls in the families of your domestic help be if they had better opportunities? Let's find out by talking to 4 gutsy girls who did it.

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How I Got My MIL To Agree To, AND Champion My Version Of Karva Chauth

"Not for me," said this author about KarvaChauth, a tradition that discriminates against women. But the golden middle she has found is really lovely - her mom in law champions it, too!

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Alpha Girls review
4 Alpha Girls Who’re Trailblazers From Silicon Valley, And An Inspiration For All Career Woman

Written brilliantly by the New York Times bestselling author Julian Guthrie, Alpha Girls is a compelling read for everyone, and a must-read for Indian women interested in a career.

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“To work for children is like serving God”: Rockstar Anganwadi Worker R. Sundari Shares Her Inspirational Story

A victim of child marriage herself, today, R. Sundari’s story reveals not just her commitment to children’s growth, but the power of the Anganwadi system in India.

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To All Women Who Go The Extra Mile To Support Other Women Employees In Their Teams

Neha hesitated to answer. It had been almost five years of being on a break now. She had tried to work it out after Myra’s each significant milestone and had failed every time.

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Lok Sabha 1st Session Ending Soon With No Talk Of Women’s Reservation Bill – Just An Election Gimmick?

The first session of the recently elected 17th Lok Sabha is going to end soon, but there is no plan yet, to table the Women's Reservation Bill, making us wonder if this was just another election gimmick!

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women working at grassroots
3 Indian Women Share Their Stories Of Making Real Change In Lives Of Marginalised Kids

Change at the grassroots level is slow, but working to lead this change can be a satisfactory and joyous journey, as these 3 women prove with their work.

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Lisa Ray memoir
Actor Lisa Ray Is Back In A New Avatar After A Successful Fight With Cancer

After a diagnosis and fight against one of the rarest of cancers, ex-supermodel Lisa Ray has published a book Close to the Bone, about her journey back to herself. A chat with her on the occasion.

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#MothersDay – My Dear Angel, You Changed Us All!

With the birth of a child, a mother also takes birth..and together they bond and explore the joys of this relationship.

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Bhawani ma transgender candidate
Bhawani Ma, Transgender Lok Sabha Candidate From Allahabad: “Make Us Part Of India’s Story”

Bhawani Valmiki, popularly known as Bhawani ma, is a transgender candidate contesting the 2019 elections from Allahabad. Here are some of her thoughts as the AAP candidate.

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Bilkis Bano judgement
Bilkis Bano’s Story Speaks Of A Woman’s Resolve To Get Justice For Violation Of Her Human Rights

Bilkis Bano's case is a fine example of the victory of a woman’s undeterred courage and resolve over a gross attempt of violation of women’s rights and the apathy of the state!

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provisions for women in the 2019 elections
Major Parties Have Declared Election Manifestos For 2019. How Do Women’s Issues Really Fare?

Indian women are used to getting empty promises, but are we willing to sit quietly without significant provisions for women in the 2019 elections (and no guarantee of a follow-through)? Let's take a look at what the parties offer.

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women's representation
As An Indian Woman, I Want My Right To Represent In Government!

There are only 12% of women in Indian Parliament, an abysmal number. As candidates are being given tickets, here's a call out for more women's representation.

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Immortal for a Moment
Let Us Speak Of Friendships That Make You Feel Immortal For A Moment

Natasha Badhwar’s new book Immortal for a Moment holds a promise for every reader while ostensibly being a personal narrative of the author.

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Shakti for better women representation
8 Key Takeaways From Launch Of SHAKTI, A Citizens’ Movement For Women’s Representation In Politics

Yesterday, 12th February 2019, SHAKTI was launched. A Citizens’ Movement to change how women are represented in national and state level politics and governance, and here are my key takeaways.

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This #WorldCancerDay I Was Part Of A Celebration Which Was Unique In Many Ways!

I was part of a celebration by Yes to Life Foundation on World Cancer Day, 4th Feb 2019, and came away with many stories of strength that are inspiring.

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Escape Velocity
Our Story Of Working Together To Create Escape Velocity, An Anthology By 13 Women Writers

Escape Velocity: Not all that spins away is lost, not all that comes home is familiar, is an anthology that has come together after months of work by a group of writers, a great example of how a sisterhood works.

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The Conversations I Have With My Daughter Are The Most Important!

Feminism and gender equality, says Anjali Sharma, always start at home. And to this end, she has many essential and deep conversations with her young daughter. Here, we're given a peek into those.

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Yes to life
These 2 Young Breast Cancer Winners Believe: Life Is About Living, Why Not Say Yes To It?

Shruti Sharma Anand and Neeti Leekha Chhabra prefer to be called Breast Cancer winners, and are the force behind Yes to life, an initiative for helping those whose lives this cancer has touched.

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Atishi Marlena interview
AAP Member Atishi: Changing Country A 10 Yr Project If Right People In Decision Making Positions

Called the 'architect of educational reforms in Delhi Government schools' in recent years, Atishi tells us about her vision and work in a very warm, engaging interview.

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Feminism – No, It’s Not Complex Yet Is So Easily And Widely Misunderstood!

Everybody talks about feminism. But how many of them are aware of its true meaning and what it actually stands for?

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Pari Didi: “Whenever Anyone Puts Roadblocks In Your Way…Be Assured You Are On The Right Track”

Sustainable change occurs when a community owns it. Read the engaging stories of such grassroot champions – community warriors who won the Plan India Impact Awards 2018.

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Shabana Azmi: “As Women, We Don’t Need To Be Treated As Goddesses But As Equals”

Noted Actor and Activist Shabana Azmi spoke with Women’s Web about her journey as a social activist, her NGO, Mijwan Welfare Society as well as her thoughts on gender equality, crime against women and Feminism. Read more!

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“Thank God, I Have Boys – It’s Tough For Parents Of Girls Today” – As Mom To A Girl, Can I Disagree?

“Thank God, I have boys – it’s tough for parents with girls today.” I remembered this comment in the light of the recent Thomson Reuters study on women's safety around the world.

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“Follow Your Heart”: How Many Of Us Would Tell Our Children This?

Do we really encourage our children to follow their hearts? Or do we force them to dance to the tunes that move ours?

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Indira by Devapriya Roy
A Treat For Readers Across Ages, INDIRA by Devapriya Roy & Priya Kurian Is Unlike The Usual Biography

INDIRA by Devapriya Roy and Priya Kurian promises to be a treat for kids with its fresh approach to a holistic view of History that can keep them engaged.

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Delhi nursery admissions
And The Same Saga Of Delhi Nursery Admissions Goes On Year After Year!

A parent writes about her experience with the saga that is Delhi Nursery Admissions and how she is maneuvering through this path filled with roadblocks!

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true calling
Her True Calling — A Returning Mom’s Story [#ShortStory]

The ubiquitous rat race, the night outs. The closer she came towards starting her second innings, the more unsure was she if that’s what she wanted to do in the second innings of her life as a returning mom!

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The Virushka Wedding Stole All My Time, But I’m Not Complaining!

Are you one of those who has spent countless minutes following the news around the Virushka wedding? This unabashed fan mail will resonate with you!

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Smog, Petitions, Noise & Shock – Delhi Sends You Her Monthly Newsletter

Smog, petitions, noise, shocks, and revelations– a lot has happened last month! Let’s listen to what our own Delhi has to say to everyone in her newsletter.

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If Goa Is The Best Indian State For Women, How Can Bihar Get There? A New Study Has Some Pointers

A first of its kind – The Gender Vulnerability Index (GVI) by Plan India brings forth some startling revelations about the status of women and girls.

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Natasha Badhwar’s Voice In ‘My Daughter’s Mum’ Is Sure To Strike A Chord Deep Within! [#BookReview]

My Daughter's Mum by Natasha Badhwar is a must read for any woman, as a daughter as well as a mother - a book that speaks of many aspects of being a woman today.

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pressure cooker parenting
To The Tune Of An Unknown Pied Piper We Parents Dance!

Do you, as a parent, succumb to the call of pressure cooker parenting? The rat race that we all seem to be running and making our kids run?

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Let’s Keep The Flame Burning! Let’s Keep Questioning Schools…And Everything Else!

Content with the 'premium' badge of reputed schools, we have closed ourselves off from questioning schools - or anything else. It's time to light the flame!

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birthday gift
The Best Kind Of Surprise Birthday Gift That A Husband Can Give!

Her life had taken her far away from the dreams of her youth. But her husband and friend together planned a surprise for her - a long overdue birthday gift!

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