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Dear Soul Sister, Pause And Take A Slot With Self!

Posted: April 22, 2020
An ode to all working women juggling between home and work from home.
The pandemic times are challenging for everyone. However, women have been pushed to take the responsibility of not just professional commitments but also tending to children, household chores and primary care giving responsibilities. In such a scenario, it is important to consciously and mindfully spend some time tending to self, just yourself.
 Her day started much before
the sun opened its doors;
And started its ascent.
The load on the mind
The queue of tasks
LIFO or FIFO is what she thought.
There were tasks paid and unpaid;
Responsibilities stated and unsaid.
#ShareTheLoad yes;
But it was each to their convenience.
The conditioning and mindsets played strong;
For the chromosome XX;
Nurturing was primary;
And home was above all.
Her identity in the outside world
The labels and designations;
Director or Manager or a Homemaker
But in the current scheme of things
And a missing support system,
Who brought more money to the table.
Only that mattered.
And so began the day,
Hopping between the spaces,
Virtual and real.
Sometimes the host other times an attendee.
Like an adept juggler,
she ensured both spaces were balanced
And well-taken care.
One day, as the sun ended its shift
And the moon took over,
Something tried to pause her;
And made her see the mirror.
A tiny straw from the broom,
The prick; the pain
Cracked heels; Blemished hands
But she dismissed and moved on
Instead; looking at the clock she said
“Oh! I better rush to the next zoom call”
But the pain was adamant
As it had come for a reason;
More than the surface,
The wounded child inside;
Needed attention.
The murkiness of self-doubt made it hard;
Self-love is being selfish, she had been taught.
The constant debate; the inner stifle
But ultimately the pain won,
And made her rendezvous with the inner self
Clearing the blue sky.
She realised –
“I owe it to myself,
before anything or anyone else”
And she put a big slot on her calendar
and labelled it “ME TIME”
Image Credits: Pixabay

Present - North India Lead - Education, Charter for Compassion, Co-Author - Escape Velocity, Writer & Social

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