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Finding (Unexpected) Love In The Times Of COVID-19

With all domestic help absent in the current times, the poet had to step up to do what she had never been enamoured of, and surprisingly found herself falling in love!

With all domestic help absent in the current times, the poet had to step up to do what she had never been enamoured of, and surprisingly found herself falling in love!

No, I shall not lie; you weren’t my first
Not even the second or the third, to be honest;
You tried to allure me several times,
But I maintained a considerable distance every time.

You were pitched to me by people around,
Few said your company was relaxing,
Others found you soothing and gratifying;
And some of your ardent fans even shared stories,
Of how indulging in you was an addiction of a lifetime.

I dismissed all your advances;
I circumvented all the pleadings.
Till a few days back, when something happened.
You were pushed upon me like regulation and a norm
I tried figuring out alternatives, but all Adhoc
And ultimately, had to embrace you with open arms.

And now that we are together;
It feels like a completely different world.
Every part of you has risen to a new beauty and a distinct character;
The aromas and the texture; the shape and colour
The taste and the juiciness; the freshness and ripeness
Everything about you gives me an orgasmic high.

My love for you may have brewed slowly,
but it is like that perfect cup of coffee.
Like the overpowering aroma of brimming green tea.
Platonic or Peace – how do I define our companionship,
Layered and deep is what I believe it is.

And as I lose myself to you,
I see cumin and curry dancing to the tunes of heat and oil.
The just-right splash of spices, how I make them play to their real character;
The polka dots of mustard accentuate and punctuate;
The ballet of the perfectly chopped veggies in their prime.
The simmering and stewing of the lentils and rice,
How they have become the staccatos and legatos of my life.

I feel like an artist, and you are my muse;
Smitten by you, I think I am creating a masterpiece every time.
You are my joie de vivre in these pandemic times.
Listen, we may distance apart in future times,
But like a true lover, I promise to stay with you my whole life

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Image source: shutterstock

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