Anamika is an English literature student with a strong inclination towards feminist literature, feminist literary criticism and women's history.

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TN Making Emergency Contraception More Easily Accessible Is Great News For Women’s Sexual Health

Tamil Nadu to finally have emergency contraceptive pills available over the counter. Here's why it is an important step toward women's health

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shankarpali recipes
3 Easy Shankarpali Recipes To Make Your Diwali Yummier! (With A Vegan Option)

Is Diwali ever complete without sweet or savoury shankarpalis? Why not make your own this year with these easy shankarpali recipes!

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diwali gifts
Make Your Diwali Gifts Unique And Local By Supporting Your Local Women Entrepreneurs!

This Diwali, don't spend too much time thinking of Diwali gifts. We have you covered with this list of great options from women entrepreneurs!

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Amrita Rao Being ‘Nervous’ About Motherhood Begs The Question, Is Parenting Only A Mom’s Responsibility?

Before the birth of her son, actor Amrita Rao spoke about being nervous about motherhood. Why are women always the only ones worried?

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Who Is Dr Rajkumari Bansal – The Lecturer Being Trolled For Standing With The Hathras Victim’s Family

Here's why we need to know about Dr Rajkumari Bansal who stood by the Hathras victim's family during the ordeal and was trolled for the same. 

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Ira Khan’s New Video Makes You Wonder Why She Needs To Justify Her Mental Health To Anyone

Ira Khan shared a video after being trolled for speaking about her depression. Do we really need to justify our mental health to anyone?

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The Essentials To Becoming A Naagin As We Wait For Shraddha Kapoor To Play A Naagin In Her New Film

Shraddha Kapoor plays the role of a Naagin in her upcoming film. But do you wonder how one becomes a Naagin? Well, here are the answers!

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SRK Isn’t A Gold Digger For Not Paying When He’s Out, But A Woman Definitely Is!

Shah Rukh Khan doesn't pay if he goes out with friends. But imagine a woman doing so. Automatically her makes a gold digger, doesn't it?

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Malvi Malhotra Being Stabbed Makes You Wonder Will Men Ever Learn To Take ‘No’ As An Answer?

Actress Malvi Malhotra was stabbed for refusing a marriage proposal. Even in 2020, why do men still think it's a crime to say no to them?

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Preparing For A Rishta Meet? Here Are Some Unbelievably Hilarious Things Women Were Asked

We asked our readers the funniest things they were asked during rishta meetings. And their responses as hilarious as they were relatable!

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Why Should Riteish Deshmukh’s Ego Be Hurt At Being Called ‘Genelia’s Husband’?

Riteish Deshmukh's ego getting hurt at being called 'Genelia's husband' makes you question why being called her husband is such a big deal!

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Kamal Nath Calling Imarti Devi An ‘Item,’ Highlights Once Again The Sexist Nature Of Politics

In light of a senior Congress leader calling his former female colleague an 'item,' here are 3 other sexist remarks made by politicians about women. 

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Why Does A Gay Couple Getting Married In Kodava Attire Still Upset The Traditionalists?

A gay couple getting married in traditional Kodava attire sparked outrage from the community. Just how deep do the roots of homophobia run?

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18 Indian Films Centred Around Fierce Girls To Watch This International Day Of The Girl Child!

Why not spend this International Day Of The Girl Child by watching 18 Indian movies with spectacular roles played by girl artistes?

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Trolls More Interested In New Mom Sapna Chaudhary’s Marriage Certificate Than Her Health

Haryanvi singer-dancer Sapna Chaudhary trolled for having a baby supposedly out of wedlock. Are only married women 'allowed' to have kids?

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4 Badass Women Tell Us Why They Shaved Their Hair Off & Owned It

4 women tell us what happens when they go bald while living in a society that perceives long hair as the epitome of femininity and beauty.

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‘If You Can’t See Us, How Will You See Our Issues?’ Asks Short Film Shakti – Half Is Ours

With their new short film, titled 'Shakti- Half Is Ours,' Political Shakti is striving to get 50% women representation in political spaces.

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Bombay HC’s Verdict On Sex Work Not Being A Crime Is A Welcome Step

Bombay HC observed that prostitution is not a criminal offence thus, sex workers cannot be convicted under it. This is what it means.

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What Is The Petition Demanding Rights For Same Sex Couples Under The Hindu Marriage Act (1955)?

4 members of the LGBTQIA+ community filed a PIL demanding equal rights to same-sex couples under the Hindu Marriage Act. Here's what we know.

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Edith Wharton Wrote Summer In 1917, But It Makes Sense To Indian Women Even Today!

Edith Wharton's Summer is a timeless piece of literature that critiques the double standards in society, which haven't changed all that much from 1917.

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The Long And Short Of It; Why Are My Tresses And India’s Culture Braided Together?

Women’s thick long tresses are deeply infused in our culture. So, is chopping her hair a rebellious and mocking act against her culture?

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Baby Virushka Reminds Us Of 10 Star Kid ‘Facts’ The Media Thought We Should Know

Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli's 'parents-to-be' news has transformed the entire country into one merry and joyous bunch, and GASP the media has another munchkin to obsess over!

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