Preparing For A Rishta Meet? Here Are Some Unbelievably Hilarious Things Women Were Asked

We asked our readers the funniest things they were asked during rishta meetings. And their responses as hilarious as they were relatable!

We asked our readers the funniest things they were asked during rishta meetings. And their responses as hilarious as they were relatable!

Most of us have been through it, or will to go through it. Yes, the horror of an arranged marriage meet-up. Where the weirdest questions are asked, and the most awkward tasks are performed.

But these weird questions and awkward tasks are mostly limited to the girl. Have you seen a boy being asked to stand and walk to check his body posture? Rarely. From gol rotis to virginity, women have faced these awkward questions all the time!

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We recently asked our readers to share their experiences of an arranged marriage meet up. And the responses we received were hilarious and worthy of being mentioned here!

Gol roti bana leti ho?

The most popular question of all. Gol roti is a symbol of commitment, maturity and responsibility. Majorly the entire conversation revolves around gol rotis delicious sabjis.

“My son likes hot rotis three times a day. Do you make rotis?” a family asked and @inn.rat is thankful to her parents who showed them the way to the door.

@zareennk recalls how she was asked, “My son wakes up at 5 am and wants his bed tea, at what time do you wake up?Can you cook my son’s favourite dishes for him?”

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@madhumitapal11 shared how she was questioned, “Do you eat mutton? My son does not like mutton so you can eat only when you visit your mom’s place1”

And the questions continue.

Who is your favourite god?

Yes, the religious ones.

@kavya.mishri recalls how a guy asked her about her favourite god. The guy apparently ran out of questions! And a number of women shared similar incidents.

Litah_capricious shared how the boy’s family asked her to keep god at the centre of their relationship with her husband. She questions, “Is he so incompetent that he needs god hold steady of him?”

santhya_illustrates shared how a boy’s mother kept flexing him being a vegetarian, waking up early, offering his prayers and going to bhajans on weekends.

Sundar and susheel

Everybody wants a sundar, susheel bahu, and for this it’s important to be beautiful and maintained.

@juhisark shared how she was asked whether she threads her eyebrows. (Yes, this is real.) It was astounding to see how many women faced similar questions regarding their eyebrows. (We realised eyebrows are a big deal)

Saloni Verma recalled how a guy thought her to be arrogant because she didn’t thread her eyebrows. Pallavi Likhar was asked about her dark circles and if she always had them. And what followed was a list of creams and serums which she didn’t have any interest in trying.

Apparently, a woman shouldn’t even wear spectacles. Uma Asher shared how the family reasoned “but she wears glasses!” Meetal  Manekar shared her incident where the guy said the power of her spectacles was too high otherwise he would’ve said yes. So girls should rather go blind than wear spectacles. Okay?

Clothes and attire

How can this point be missed while discussing marriage? @tamasa.pal was asked whether she wears ‘all types of clothes?’ Yes sir, we women wear all types of clothes.

“What do you wear to work?” The family asked @itsmusubi, and trivial questions like these keep on popping up in all meets.

Switch your occupation or be at home

We were amazed to see how families asked the girls whether they would switch their jobs so that they could pay attention to household chores.

@_p.pandey shared a hilarious incident. She was asked if she will switch her job from accountant to teacher so she could take care of the household chores.

Neelam Mahady recalled how a guy only wanted to marry a teacher so she could look after the kids during holidays. @monicatarwani recalled meeting a family where the boy’s mother asked her to quit her job and earn money via the stock market.

So yes, for a woman her job should be secondary and household chores should be her priority.

Many such questions were asked and shared by our followers which left us wide eyed and gasping for air. Such hilarious trivia questions come on our way all the time. But right now we’re just sitting back and contemplating the hilarious and unnatural expectations of the groom’s families, as it has always been!

Picture credits: Still from Bollywood movie Veere Di Wedding

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