Amrita Rao Being ‘Nervous’ About Motherhood Begs The Question, Is Parenting Only A Mom’s Responsibility?

Before the birth of her son, actor Amrita Rao spoke about being nervous about motherhood. Why are women always the only ones worried?

Before the birth of her son, actor Amrita Rao spoke about being nervous about motherhood. Why are women always the only ones worried?

Actor Amrita Rao and her husband RJ Anmol were blessed with a baby boy on November 1st. Before the birth of the baby, according to a report in Hindustan Times, Amrita Rao said she was ‘nervous about the idea of motherhood.’ However, she also said that once the baby was born, ‘the mother in her effortlessly awakened.’

For most women, motherhood is a life-changing experience. The creation of life inside you makes you realise your sacred power. But this one of kind experience also implies that you are responsible for your child and how he/she is being brought up.

When you become a parent, you are taking the responsibility of nurturing an individual who will play an important part in the society. But we often see that women are the only ones anxious and nervous regarding the idea of motherhood. And even if men are anxious about fatherhood, they hardly ever express it or showcase their feelings.

Is parenting only a woman’s responsibility?

“Mai acchi maa banungi na?” Colgate’s advertisement on adoption revolved around Mr and Mrs Mallick who decided to adopt a child and how a smile made things easier. Don’t you remember how only Mrs Mallick was super anxious about being a good mother?

Motherhood is a big deal, but upbringing is not always a woman’s responsibility, being a good father is equally essential. Yet, we seldom see men nervous with the idea of fatherhood.

As a society, we always assume that the good upbringing of the child is the responsibility of the mother. Hence, we blame the mother whenever the child fails to perform well or commits a mistake. While mothers are always blamed for their child’s wrongdoings, the fathers are always free of charge.

However, when the same child excels, the father and the entire family are ready to take their credit. Hence, mothers are not only anxious about being good mothers but also about the child not performing well and making no mistakes. They are nervous about their motherhood and upbringing being doubted and questioned.

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It’s time men take up responsibility too!

It’s high time men stop being stern and stiff as a part of being ‘a man’ and openly express their feelings. Fatherhood is also a life-changing experience, just like motherhood. And being anxious about it is completely fine.

Upbringing and parenting is a joint responsibility of both parents. If a mother is responsible for the child’s mistakes, so is the father. It’s time fathers start taking the responsibility for this. After all, the essential support of both parents is what will make the child a nurtured individual.

Picture credits: Screenshots from Amrita Rao’s Instagram

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