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The Rise in Marriageable Age Is A Welcome Change But There’s Still A Lot of Work To Be Done!

We live in the age of educated illiterates. The rise in marriageable age to 21 will not help women until families on both sides change their mindset!

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To The Men Who Who Break The Cycle Of Patriarchy, Happy International Men’s Day

Recently, International Men's Day came around. But have you ever wondered why we are celebrating men?

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When Brides Are Told ‘Keep Matters Of This House Away From Your Parents’

This idea of silencing a girl from sharing things at her home needs to be stopped. If you don't want anybody to know it, don't do it at all.

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This Glorified Scam Focusing On Women’s Cooking Skills Should End Now!

Household work, cooking included, is not gender-dependant. It is high time we stopped behaving as if it were, and taught everyone to cook and clean for themselves. 

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A Poet Gave Me His Words Today

Words help unravel complicated selves that, we didn't know existed within ourselves.

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Let Us Do Our Jobs, & 6 More Critical Tips From An Exhausted Health Care Worker During COVID

The pandemic is now in the community transmission stage, so the best thing you can do is to prevent it. And let the health care workers do their job.

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The Ecstacy Of Falling In Love With A Mind

One hour into this hushed affair, time lost its significance. She was no more a part of the room, but a part of the world inside his head.

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I’m The First Of My Kind To Walk On The Earth; What About You?

"Maybe adulting is about watching your bubble burst, your belief system crumble," says the poet. "but would you have been different have you not been told how to be?"

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To The ‘Boy’ Who Expected My Parents’ Money In The Name Of Marriage

Despite it being outlawed, people still expect dowry, sometimes in the form of 'wedding expenditure' and 'gifts for your daughter'. A daughter speaks up against it.

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A poignant poem wherein the poet tells 'the mind' which often plays havoc with one, to simply 'hush'.

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A Place Where My Forgotten Dreams Reside

Stress can be a real monster that sucks everything from your life, but letting the light in can guide you to a place of peace, freedom, and dreams.

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Why Sabarimala Doesn’t Matter To The Average Indian Woman

For most women in India, Sabarimala or the right to enter this temple is a non-issue, grappling as we are with threats against our safety and dignity in our everyday lives.

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A Handy Checklist Of Do’s & Don’ts If Someone Trusts You With Their #MeToo Story

If somebody tells you their #MeToo story, it's likely that it is the first time they are speaking about it. Here's what NOT to do when they are speaking.

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Why Entitled Men Who Indulge In Toxic Behaviour Need To Be Called Out

“Boys will be boys”. This is a phrase I have grown up with, every single day of my life. But in my life, I have found that all men do not behave this way. “Boys will be boys” “You shouldn’t show skin, because boys will be boys.” “He cheated on her. He is a boy […]

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Because Her Friends Had Not Forgotten To Listen To Her

The decision to not to tell them about her teacher who was taking advantage of her was automatic- her parents had enough in their plate already.

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Among all the uncertainties, all the ambiguities and all the pretences, there is always someone certain, solid and genuine. Find out...

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To The Boy Who Wanted To See My Scars. And Flinched. #LettersToMyEx

Great loves are supposed to be about baring your heart and soul to each other. But what happens when one person can't take the very sight of the scars?

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breastfeeding new mom
Feeding Your Little Human? Here’s Everything You Need To Know As A Breastfeeding New Mom

You have just recently given birth to your baby after all that anticipation for 9 months, and are a breastfeeding new mom. Here's all you need to know.

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what we really need
Don’t Ever Call Me India’s Daughter. You’ve No Idea What That Means – You Are Not A Good Parent!

As an Indian woman, I am not safe in my own country. We are living life in a nightmare, when the powers that be have no clue what we really need.

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marriage market hypocrisy
How An ‘Empowered’ Woman Can Be Duped By The Marriage Market Hypocrisy

Going in for an arranged marriage? Beware this marriage market hypocrisy (that can surface in 'love' marriages too!) that can lull yourself into conforming.

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the armour
The Armour

#Poetry. Pain can leave you scarred forever, and you build an armour around your heart, scared of being judged. But maybe you'll meet the one who will love you as you are.

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a book and its reader
When A Book Is Like A Lover Who Speaks To Your Soul And Nourishes It

For an inveterate reader, every book read is like a secret love affair, one that is only between a book and its reader, that cannot be replicated.

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I Stutter… In A Voice Of My Own!

#Poetry. The poet speaks about her stutter, for which she is shamed. But unlike many others, "I dare to speak", she says.

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