Let Us Do Our Jobs, & 6 More Critical Tips From An Exhausted Health Care Worker During COVID

The pandemic is now in the community transmission stage, so the best thing you can do is to prevent it. And let the health care workers do their job.

The pandemic is now in the community transmission stage, so the best thing you can do is to prevent it. And let the health care workers do their job.

Stay at home

Do not socialize- not in front of your house, not at a local shop, not even if nobody is watching.

Do not come to the hospital unnecessarily

You sneezed today morning. Once. And you come to the hospital for that. You have had acne since the day you attained puberty- and this is the time you choose to get it treated. The man standing next to you could just a be Covid positive patient. You might go home contracting something much worse than what you came for.

Do not touch our table

You come to the hospital because you are ill. Accepted. Then you bring the stool that you are supposed to sit on, closer , and then put your elbow and hands over the table and then place it over your face. You are inviting trouble. Please use your presence of mind.

Wear a mask, correctly; it’s not a chin guard

Do not lower your mask. Not if you meet somebody you know, not in front of the doctor (unless asked) , not while giving a TV interview. You can live for a lifetime without people knowing what your entire face looks like- not the case with covid. The mask should cover your mouth and nose. Not your chin. You are not wearing a chin guard.

Social distancing saves everyone

If you really couldn’t afford to stay at home and happened to get out, maintain social distance. Even while standing in line for your medicines at the pharmacy. Why do you stare at us with a blank face when we ask you to stand a few feet apart? Why do we have to step out of our op every half an hour and literally tell each of you where to stand? A little self help would go a long way.

Community spread is currently on

Many states are at the verge of community spread. Some have already reached there.

Which means that shortly, we won’t be able to find out where you got the infection from, and hence, since the source is unknown, a whole lot of you have the chances to get infected. There won’t be enough beds in hospitals to take you up. We might have to use wedding halls and other public places instead in the future, if your nonsense continues. If you don’t follow the norms stated by the government, the implications will be grave.

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Let us do our jobs

We didn’t wish for this pandemic. We hate this as much as you – probably a little more, because it keeps us away from our families.

We will come to the hospital every day. We will do what is expected of us, and a lot more. Showing your protest to the government by bad mouthing us and spitting on us is not ok.

We have been putting in our nerve and sinew into this, let it be the nursing attendants, the nursing staff, the pharmacists, the grade 1 workers, the grade 2 workers, or the doctors. The thing is, each time you protest against the government without maintaining the required social distance, each time you forget, each time you step out of the confines of your home unnecessarily, our efforts pale against your ignorance. We fail with each mistake you make. We get a little closer to losing the battle against covid.

We all are on the same team, remember? Prioritise. Please.

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