To The Men Who Who Break The Cycle Of Patriarchy, Happy International Men’s Day

Recently, International Men's Day came around. But have you ever wondered why we are celebrating men?

Recently, International Men’s Day came around. But have you ever wondered why we are celebrating men?

For the man who laughs at the face of gender stereotypes,

For the man who is unafraid about what people might think if he shares chores or assumes parental roles with his spouse,

For the man who recognises that societal ‘rules’ are simply customs , that need to be broken if they no longer serve a purpose,

For the man who believes that the ‘Feminist Movement’ is for his well-being too, even though it sounds like the word ‘feminine’ ,

For the man who doesn’t think that being sensitive makes him weak and is unafraid to cry,

For the man who recognises how patriarchy affected the generations before him , and is determined to break the cycle,

For the man who is often called ‘hen-pecked’ by his own parents, but pays no heed, because he knows that there is no shame in making decisions together with his partner.

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For the man who discovered that meaningful conversations form the core of any good relationship, and is working on bettering his communication skills,

For the man who was raised to believe that asserting his power on women made him powerful, but has now realised that it has done more harm to him than good,

For the man who lived most of his life following the majority and is now correcting his behaviour to do what is fair to the opposite gender,

For the men who are going against their ancestors and against the tide, to get closer to what it feels to be human.

For the men who know that masculine and feminine are two equally powerful forces of nature, and that the two need to be let free to restore balance in the universe.

You are seen.
You are loved.
You are the revolution.
Happy International Men’s Day to you!

Top image is a still from the Hindi movie Ki & Ka

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