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The Ecstacy Of Falling In Love With A Mind

Posted: June 9, 2019

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She ran her fingers across his spine, and felt it arch, ever so slightly under her touch.

She took in his scent and cradled him in her arms, careful not to cross too many boundaries, not to betray too soon, too much.

They settled into a quiet corner of her bed,

Or was it that the noise died down the moment their eyes met;

Nobody would know. She let him in, without resistance;
In return, he let her in, into his moments of silences, the doors he kept shut with all his might. His moments of vulnerability… his search for the right words, into that void in time between being awake and asleep, where defences just don’t work right.

One hour into this hushed affair, time lost its significance. She was no more a part of the room, but a part of the world inside his head.

Just like that, on an ordinary summer night, a reader fell in love again,
She would hence forever be leading a double life; one in chaos, and the other, when she would hold him in her arms, waiting, into his story, to be led.

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Doctor, ambivert. Her voice stutters; her pen doesn't .

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