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Posted: December 21, 2018

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A poignant poem wherein the poet tells ‘the mind’ which often plays havoc with one, to simply ‘hush’.

Hush, dear mind; this is not helping,
You’ve chained me without chains, this spell is paralyzing.
We are well past the days when goodness was presumed,
You may stop picking at those scabs now, rubbing salt to my wounds.

No, dear mind; you are becoming my foe.
The memories don’t help anymore, it’s getting difficult to let go.
You are known to bend forks with your infinite power,
You choose to bring me down to my knees instead-a tramp locked in a glorious tower.

Thank you, dear mind; for not clipping my wings yet.
But you have sewn my lips into a smile- to flash at everybody I have since met.
You have spiked the ceiling I intend to break with pieces of glass.
You have only let me say “I’m fine” , to those who happen to trespass.

Stop it, dear mind; this safe place now feels like a cage,
You’ve turned me against myself- all I now have is rage.
There is a person staring back at me from the mirror I no longer recognize.
You need to let me change; I’ve been left for too long in this disguise.

You need to let go, dear mind; you are not saving us.
Instead of adorning my life- you have adorned me with cuts.
I know that you intend to fight for us, but it’s me that you crush,
So listen to me for once, when I tell you to-

Please hush.


Image Source: Pexels

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