Posted: March 29, 2018

Among all the uncertainties, all the ambiguities and all the pretences, there is always someone certain, solid and genuine. Find out…

 I see you standing on the horizon, tantalisingly close; yet far away,

Do you yearn for me as I do for you, to give me a hand on my final day?

They are afraid, they call you names, but they don’t see,

Among them all, you are the most faithful a friend can ever be.

While I conclude my life story, leaving it for wagging mouths to criticise, agape;

You will be the one who will take me out on my final act of escape.

When my show is done and down goes my curtain,

I know people will change, but among the uncertain; you – I know, will be my sole certain.

You lure me, entice me; tempting me to take that plunge once and for all;

Nice move; but you can’t deprive me of my fairytale end – to be saved by you, my charming prince standing tall!

You will take off my armour, scrape off my paint, tear me away from all pretence;

You will see me for what I am – skin, bones and hair – you will breakthrough my every defence.

You will break me down to my essentials; undress me, unchain me – of course, I will hence forever be yours to keep;

You, I know, are that friend, who will for the last time, tuck me into sleep…

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