I am a law graduate from Government Law College,Mumbai.I am a Fellow in General Insurance ( technical qualification for insurance ) .I am a homemaker at present, having worked for nearly 16 years in General Insurance in the Public Sector. I blog about recipes & my views.

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Anuradha 1960
Leela Naidu’s 1st Film Anuradha (1960) Was All About A Homemaker Taken For Granted

The 1960 classic Anuradha was way ahead of the times, showing the story of a talented woman taken for granted by her husband. Sounds familiar?

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How Rising Crimes Against Women & Children Can Be Stopped By More Women

Crimes against women and children are treated casually by our institutions. What else explains such low conviction rates?

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Smartphones Are Only The Newest Means To Harass And Abuse Women Online

Smartphones are increasingly being used to harass women online and to film crimes like rape. Do we take pleasure in watching others in pain?

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women in lockdown
Am I The Only One Who Thinks That Mostly Women Are Holding Fort During This Pandemic?

With the whole world under a lockdown, women seem to be holding fort everywhere, right from homes to offices to even countries! Here's to these warriors!

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The Rise Of Women In The Judiciary & Police Will Empower Women – And Everyone Else

We need to dramatically increase the representation of women in the judiciary, police, prisons and legal aid system. Here's why.

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The Big Crisis in Cooperative Banks Of India

The need of the hour is stricter regulation as also implementation by authorities like RBI & prudent action by depositors which will save their money.

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Article 15 : Movie Review, Does It Deliver?

The film depicts that we all have conspired to remain silent even as we see the marginalised being pushed down deeper.

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Manual Scavenging: Why Do The Deaths Of Workers Not Affect Us?

Manual scavenging may have been legally abolished decades ago, but we continue to send manual scavengers to their deaths.

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Kathua, Aligarh,… Saving Our Kids Should Be Our Priority As A Nation

So much of violence - both sexual and otherwise, is directed towards children, innocent victims of a patriarchal society that engages in power play and control. 

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The Recent Suicide Of A Woman Doctor Shows Why Reservations Are Essential For True Equality

The caste system has oppressed for centuries, and still does, as in the case of a recent suicide by a lady doctor in which casteist harassment has been alleged as a cause. 

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How The Handling Of The Sexual Harassment Case Against CJI Gogoi All Went Downhill

The handling of the case filed by a junior court staffer against CJI Gogoi is a prime example of how a position of power can be mishandled leading to a travesty of justice.

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Usha Narayanan’s ‘Awaken The Durga Within’ Is A Must Read For Women

The writer is all praises for author Usha Narayanan's book "Awaken The Durga Within" and says that it is a must read for women.

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Crime Against Women At Shelter Homes On The Rise. What’s Our Government Doing?

Many cases of crime against women in shelter homes have been brought to light of late. The author's concerns are no different from that of any other woman in the county. 

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women's issues
Election Hungama All Around, But WHERE Are The Women?

Despite women being half the population, political parties pay only lip service to women's issues, as seen by the poor representation that we get as candidates.

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Cape Town To Bangalore: The Global Water Crisis Is Here

No matter where in the world you live, the water crisis is likely to be global. Isn't it time we woke up and started using water as a precious resource? 

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firecracker ban
Isn’t A Permanent Fire Cracker Ban Needed For The Whole Country, Not Just Delhi NCR?

The Supreme Court has banned sale of fire crackers in Delhi NCR. Isn't this firecracker ban essential for the rest of the country too?

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How Loudly Must A Woman Scream For Her ‘No’ To Be Clear To A Rapist? (And The Courts)

The recent verdict acquitting filmmaker Mahmood Farooqui on the grounds of the woman's 'No' being 'feeble' is appalling and could have grave consequences for other victims.

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Why Overpopulation & Women’s Full Control Over Our Bodies Is Related

Women in many countries still have limited control over their own fertility. Overpopulation is leading upto a crisis, unless women are allowed to control their own bodies.

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besan recipes
The Many Sinfully Delicious Besan Recipes Made In India. How Many Have You Tried?

Besan recipes are as numerous in India as there are dialects, and all of them are mouth-wateringly tasty, whether sweet or savoury. A look at this humble flour.

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This Study Tells Us Why Punishment For Rape Slips Through Our Fingers In India

A detailed study reveals that punishment for rape is often based on unscientific evidence as well as myths, which have little or no basis in facts. It's time we had a change!

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An Ode To The Pressure Cooker (And Pressure Cooker Recipes That Save Time!)

A pressure cooker eases off the pressure, while cooking a nutritious meal. Here are some delicious pressure cooker recipes that can be prepared by this most handy device.

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How My First Period Revealed My Orthodox Grandma To Be An Unlikely Feminist [#FirstPeriodStory]

My first period not only brought to me the reality of menstruation, but also made me realize that an unlikely feminist lurked inside my orthodox grandma!

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The Two Child Norm That Poses A Catch-22 Situation For Hindu Women!

Two child norm? Or Four or five children according to certain 'enlightened' leaders? And why should men fall behind? A hilarious read!

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The Great Art Of Copying: Why Do We Seem To Love It In India?

Copying and plagiarism in India, are almost something we cannot do without. From cheating in the examination hall to stealing someone's work, we do it all.

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Ever Heard Of The ‘Undertime’ Concept?

Most of us know the concept of ‘Overtime’, but ‘Undertime’ is a lesser known concept. A funny take on mixing business with pleasure! I have  learnt a new word: Undertime. It means time spent by an employee on leisure during his or her working hours. Now, when I say leisure, I mean things like a […]

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Court [Movie Review]

'Court' is a multi-lingual, award-winning movie that portrays the life of common people in India. Here is a review of the movie 'Court'.

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Big Brother Is Watching Us: The Rise Of CCTV In India

We are so used to CCTVs around us that it's 'normal' now. But do we really understand the rise of CCTV in India and its impact on us?

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Polygamy And Polyandry

Does polygamy exist? Why are the ratios dropping in different parts of the country? What does all this mean? Read this article to understand this better.

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All Play, No Work

The Indian Work Culture is All Play, No Work. Is it surprising why Indians don't take vacations?

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Who wants to be a housewife?
Who Wants To Trade Places With A Housewife?

Who wants to be a housewife? Being a housewife is surely the most unappreciated job in the world.

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